Events of 2015 & 2016

The Astrology of 2015 & 2016

In 2015, Uranus in Aries was still squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This shows conflict between extreme factors. Because it is happening in cardinal signs, it shows conflict between the movers and the shakers. Saturn was and is in Sagittarius except from mid-June until mid-September of ’15 when it backed into late Scorpio. While it is in Sagittarius, it squares Neptune in Pisces. This mutable square shows a conflict of beliefs and viewpoints. We should note that we have conflict between fire and earth and fire and water. All of this makes for extreme weather as it shows up in weather charts. Jupiter was in Leo until it went into Virgo on August 11th 2015. At times Jupiter stimulated the Saturn/Neptune square. In 2016, both of these squares mentioned above are still in effect. Jupiter will connect with the Uranus/Pluto square starting in early Sept 2016. This shows a legal element coming into the conflict. Also in 2016, Mars in Sagittarius will tie into the Saturn Neptune square in March, April, May, August, and September. This will create more tension and trouble. This takes things up a notch. For most of 2016 Mars is in Scorpio or Sagittarius. It is in Scorpio in Jan., Feb., June, and July. Scorpio is a financial sign. As I write this in Jan. ’16, look at what has already happened in the stock market. Generally, I expect 2016 to be much like 2015.

An important and enduring event in ’15 and ’16 is the presidential campaign. Our two important squares certainly represent enough conflict to match the conflict we see daily as the contenders vie. The Uranus Pluto square is especially important because it is connecting with our Cancer Sun and Mercury in the U.S. chart.
Of course Trump is the big story in politics. One commentator referred to Trump as Godzilla rising up out of the ocean and destroying the Republican power grid. He said he did not know if Mithra would come to the rescue. Trump was born under a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Uranus in Gemini is with his Sun and oppose his Sag Moon. Rich Jupiter trines his Sun and sextiles his Moon from Libra. Jupiter will be in Libra for a year starting in early Sept. He has Leo rising with Mars near the Ascendant. This is the energy and the brashness that we see in him. But here is the kicker. He has royal star Regulus very near the Ascendant. Any sheik would be happy to live in his dwelling. It seems that Trump wants to be our warrior king. The other name for Regulus is Cor Leonis, heart of the lion.
Many important events happened last year. Let’s see what was happening in the sky when these events happened on earth.

Jan. 7. Terrorist Attack on Charlie Hebdo.
The Moon was in Leo moving toward Jupiter and its opposition to Mars in Aquarius. Saturn was in the whole sign 10th. And a Capricorn Sun was with Pluto and square Uranus. Pisces ascends, and, Jupiter opposes Mars, and Neptune squares Saturn. Malefics are connected to key places.

Jan. 16. 176 die in floods in S. Africa. The Uranus /Pluto square is strong and Mars in Pisces is with Neptune and square Saturn. Mars/Neptune is destructive water.

Feb. 15. 21 Egyptian Christians are beheaded by ISIS. The Capricorn Moon is with Pluto and square Uranus. Venus is with Mars. The shows the innocent getting it.

Feb. 24. President Obama vetoes Keystone. The Sun is with Neptune and square Saturn. This could be translated as an important person blocking oil. Uranus is square Pluto. The Moon is void in the environmental sign, Taurus.

Feb. 27. Leonard Nimoy dies. The Moon squares Mars Venus, and futuristic Uranus. Leonard and science fiction take a hit.

March 3. Netanyahu speaks to congress. The Moon is void in Leo after making great aspects. Jupiter is trine Uranus. His speech did not make a difference.

March 18. A shooter shoots 6 and kills 1 in the Phoenix Arizona area. The Moon is with Neptune and squaring Saturn and moving toward a solar eclipse in Pisces early on the 20th. Sagittarius is an armed sign and Saturn in Sag is active on this day.

March 25. A Germanwings plane is intentionally crashed into the Alps by a depressed pilot, killing 150 people. The MC is with Neptune and square Saturn. The Moon, ruler of the first, is in an out of sign opposition with Saturn. The Aries Sun is moving toward Uranus and Mars in the whole sign 10th. Uranus is squaring Pluto strongly. The pilot has a very strong conjunction between Mercury, Saturn, the Sun, and Uranus.

March 28. We are told that Hilary’s server has been wiped clean. Venus squares Jupiter and the Moon squares Mars. This is trouble for a woman.

April 2. Kenya. Terrorists kill 147 Christians. The Sun is with Uranus square Pluto. The Moon is in Virgo opposing the Christian sign Pisces. Two days later there is a lunar eclipse in Libra.

Freddie Grey is arrested on April 12 and dies on April 20. Mars in Taurus is squaring Jupiter in Leo during this time. This is trouble in the area of law. The riot in Baltimore happens with the Sun in Taurus square Jupiter. Mars/Jupiter is the cops in conflict with the law. And Sun/Jupiter is the power structure in conflict with the law.

April 19. an ISIL video shows Ethiopians being killed. Mars is in a strong square with Jupiter.

April 23. The EU refers to the migrant situation as a crisis. Our two squares showing conflict are still in effect, Saturn square Neptune and Uranus square Pluto. Saturn in Sag shows trouble associated with travel and travelers. Rex Bills says refugees are Uranus.

April 25. 7.8 earthquake in Nepal. Jupiter is in the 1st house squaring Mars in the whole sign 10th. The Moon near the Ascendant has a tidal or gravitational effect.

May 1. Baltimore, 6 cops are indicted in the Freddie Grey case. The Moon is in the legal sign, Libra moving toward the square with Pluto and the opposition with Uranus. The Sun is square legal Jupiter and Mercury is oppose Saturn in the legal sign, Sagittarius. Squares and oppositions make achieving the desired outcome of the matter difficult.

May 2. 234 girls are rescued from Boko Haram. The Moon trines Venus; this is good for women.

May 3. Garland Tx. Islamic Shooters attack a draw Mohamed gathering. There is a Full Moon in the attack sign Scorpio. Mercury opposes Saturn in the shooting sign Sagittarius.

May 4. A New York cop, who was shot earlier, dies. Full Moon in the death sign, Scorpio oppose Mars.

May 9. 2 Hattiesburg cops are killed by 4 men. Moon in Aquarius square Sun. (People square life.)

May 10. Raul Castro and the Pope meet. A T square between Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Taurus, & Jupiter in Leo. Very different entities are associated.

May 12. 6 are killed when an Amtrak train derails in Philadelphia. The travel sign, Sag Ascendant is with Saturn and opposing Mars and Mercury in the travel sign, Gemini and square the Moon and Neptune in the distracted sign, Pisces. This is the perfect astrological storm for a derailment.

May 17. 9 bikers are killed in a biker bar fight involving 3 gangs. The T square is still in play involving Mercury and Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Sag, and Neptune in Pisces. The Sun is oppose Saturn in Sag. Sagittarius is the biker sign.

May 24. A New Orleans cop is shot in his patrol car. The Sun is with violent Mars and oppose Saturn.

Over a period of weeks, 1800 people are killed by the heat in India. If we look at April and May, planets in Aries are conjunct Uranus; planets in Taurus are square Jupiter in Leo; and planets in Gemini are oppose Saturn in Sagittarius. I think the squares to Jupiter are most important as Leo is a fire sign and Jupiter is too much. Jupiter trine Uranus may also be part of this because it would show extreme heat.

May 20. Beau Biden dies. The Moon is in the death sign, Scorpio. Biden has Mars,
Mercury, the Sun, and Venus in Scorpio. He’s been touched by death before. The Sun is in Gemini on Joe’s Saturn opposing Saturn which is on his Ascendant.

June 6. American Pharaoh wins the Triple Crown. The Moon is in Aquarius making oppositions, sextiles, and trines. The Moon is moving to a trine with the Sun, the day was moving to royalty.

June 8. A S. Carolina cop is indicted for murder. He shot a man in the back. The Moon is in Pisces squaring Saturn, Mercury, the Sun, and Mars.

June 17. In S. Carolina a young white man kills 9 black people in a bible study group at Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston. When he enters the church, he is kindly invited to join the group. Sagittarius is rising and Mars, violence, is in the 7th, the house of the other. When he starts shooting, the Moon in Cancer is in the 7th opposing Pluto and the Ascendant, and squaring Uranus. And Saturn is back in the death sign, Scorpio.

June 26. Three terrorist attacks happen around the world. The Moon is in death sign, Scorpio moving toward difficult Saturn.

July 1. A terrorist attack in Egypt kills scores. A Full Moon in Capricorn opposes Mars, is with Pluto and squares Uranus.

July 2. Boko Haram kills 97 in a mosque. The Moon is still full in Capricorn.

July 8. China’s market is in free fall. They have had trouble since June. The Moon is in Aries square Mars, Pluto, and the Sun, and is with Uranus. Saturn is back in the financial sign, Scorpio and Jupiter is starting to square it.

July 14. The Iran deal goes through. There is a New Moon in Cancer with Mars, opposing Pluto, and squaring Uranus. Cancer is the Sun sign of the U.S.

July 16. A terrorist shooter kills 4 unarmed military men at a recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tn. The Moon is in Leo moving to conjunction with Venus and Jupiter and moving to square Saturn. Mars and Mercury oppose Pluto and square Uranus.

July 20. The Cuban embassy opens. The Moon is in Virgo making good aspects. Mars is still connecting with the Uranus/Pluto square.

July 23. A shooter kills 3 in a theater in Lafayette, La. The Moon is in Libra widely aspecting the T square between Uranus, Mars, and Pluto. At the time of the shooting, the Capricorn Ascendant is past Pluto, opposing Mars, and square Uranus. This is similar to the S. Carolina church shooting. Today, Jan. 13, 2016, a news story notes that the shooter’s journal cites his admiration for the church shooter.

Aug. 1. Ca. Declares state of emergency due to fires. Venus has been in Leo since early June. The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are also in Leo. And Venus and Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio.

Aug. 1 A cop is killed in Memphis. Moon opposing Venus and Jupiter and all square Saturn in Scorpio.

Aug. 12 China devalues its currency. The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter square Saturn in financial Scorpio.
Aug. 13. An explosion in an industrial area kills 112 in Tianjin Bay. New Moon in Leo. Sun, Venus and Jupiter square Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is on the Descendant and the Moon is near Mars.

Aug. 14. The American flag flies over Cuba. New Moon in Leo. Castro has planets and the Sun in Leo. Sun, Venus, and Jupiter square Saturn.

Aug 18. Hackers make Ashley Madison data public and expose membership in cheating site. The Moon is in relationship sign, Libra square Pluto and oppose Uranus.

Aug. 21. 3 Americans thwart a terrorist attack on a Paris bound train. The Sun squares the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio. (Men block death.)

Aug. 24. China’s DOW is down again. Sun with Jupiter square Saturn.

Aug. 26. 2 news people are shot and killed during an early morning broadcast by a disgruntled employee. Sun and Jupiter were square Saturn in Scorpio. This square is on the angles. Venus is with Mars, which shows attacks on innocents. The Moon in Capricorn is with Pluto and squaring Uranus.

Sept. 1. The 4th cop is killed in 9 days in this country. Jupiter in the public service sign, Virgo, is in an out of sign square with Saturn in Scorpio. Mars in Leo energizes Martial types.

Sept. 3 France confirms that the discovered plane part is from Fl 370. Mercury is moving toward an opposition with discovery planet, Uranus and squares Pluto. The Moon in Taurus is moving toward the opposition with lost Saturn.

Sept. 10. Japan gets 2 feet of rain since the 7th. There is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the 13th.

September 15. Hungary declares a state of emergency due to an influx of refugees. Saturn is to re-enter traveler sign, Sagittarius on the 17th.

Sept. 24 through 27. Pope Francis is in the United States. Mars is square Saturn in Sagittarius and moving toward Jupiter. Pope correspondents are being energized. The trip starts with the Moon, his first house ruler, in Aquarius with his natal Moon and Venus.

Sept. 27. France starts to bomb ISIS in Syria. This leads to the attack on them in Nov. There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Martial Aries on the 27th. Also, Mars is with Jupiter and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. This is great tension involving malefics.

Oct. 1. Shooting at college at Roseburg Or. Violent Mars rules the Ascendant and is conjunct the MC., oppose Neptune, and square Saturn in shooting sign, Sagittarius. The Moon is in late Taurus opposing Saturn. The Sun is square death star, Pluto.

Oct. 1. Hurricane Joaquin pummels the Bahamas. A T square between Neptune, Mars, and Saturn is stimulated later in the day by the Moon.

Oct. 1. Netanyahu makes a speech at the U.N. There is a T square between Mars, Saturn, and Neptune. He and the sky are expressing conflict.
Oct. 4. S. Carolina experiences a 1000 year storm. Last Quarter Moon connecting with the Uranus/Pluto square.

Oct. 10. In Turkey. 97 people are killed by bombers at a peace rally. Moon in Virgo with Venus, Mars, and Jupiter oppose Neptune and square Saturn. The malefics are mutable and connecting with the Moon and peaceful Venus.

Oct. 11. Iran launches a long range missile. New Moon in Libra moving to the Uranus/Pluto square.

Oct. 23. The strongest hurricane ever recorded, Patricia hits Mexico. The Moon in Pisces squares Saturn, is with Neptune, and opposes Jupiter and Mars. Jupiter and Mars are still very close. At landfall, an Aries Ascendant approaches Uranus and squares Pluto. Mars is the first house ruler.

Oct. 24. 16” of rain in Texas. Moon in wet Pisces opposing Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.

Oct. 29. China ends the I child policy. The Moon is in multiple sign Gemini.

Oct. 31. A Russian passenger plane is bombed in flight over Egypt. 224 people are killed and ISIS claims the down. The Moon is in an air sign and in the death house, the 8th, and is past a square with Mars and Venus.

Nov. 13. Islamic Terrorist attack on Paris, 127 killed. Cancer is rising at the time of the first attack. The Moon is in shooting sign, Sagittarius past Saturn in Sagittarius and past the square with Neptune and squaring Jupiter. Venus is with Mars, showing an attack on innocents. In the chart of France, Saturn is in Sagittarius. The Sun and Mercury are in the death sign, Scorpio.

Nov. 27. 3 are killed by a gunman at Planned Parenthood in Colorado springs, Co. The Sun, Saturn, MC, and Mercury are in Sagittarius square Neptune. Mars is square Pluto.

Dec. 2. An Islamic terrorist couple kill 14 in San Bernardino, Ca. The Moon is square the MC, Saturn, and the Sun, and oppose Neptune. In other words the Last Quarter Moon is connecting with the Saturn/Neptune square. The Moon is the woman and the Sun the man and they are shooting, Saturn in Sagittarius.

Dec. 7. Candidate Trump wants a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. And on the 9th, he is up in the polls. There is a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 11th near his natal Moon.
Dec. 28. Boko Haram kills 80. Mercury square Mars.

Dec. 30. Epic floods in Mo. The Moon in Virgo is connecting with the Saturn/Neptune square. A Full Moon in Cancer 5 days earlier contributes; there is epic rain from the 26th to the 28th.

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