S.T.A.R. Guild Sept. ’16 Meeting Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Sept. 27th Meeting Report.

Dear Friends of Astrology,

We had our meeting and looked at events during the Saturn, Mars , Antares conjunction and we started another look at fixed stars.

Some of us reported experienced events during the conjunction. Some of us were not able to attend and are asked to report on events during the period of August and the 1st week of Sept. ’16 next month.
One member had an adult child recovering from heart surgery while she also waited on her own biopsy results. All worked out well.

In the world, the Olympics, an Indian Monsoon, a shooting and riots in Milwaukee, a bombing of a Turkish wedding, the discovery of fluid on Saturn’s Moon, Titan, the burning of 100 homes in Calif, the flooding in Louisiana, and the presence of Zika on the west coast of Florida took place while Mars was approaching Saturn. As they came together, we saw the earthquake in Amatrice, a temple damaging earthquake in Myanmar, the epipen scandal, and 225 heroin overdoses in four states in one week.

Around the solar eclipse in Virgo squaring Mars & Saturn Hurricane Hermine damaged Steinhatche, Fl., a Spacex rocket blew up, and Mother Teresa was named a saint.

Around the Sept. 16th lunar eclipse in Pisces, a typhoon landed in Taiwan, a bomb went off in Chelsea, 9 were slashed in a Minnesota mall, and the Charlotte riots began.

As Jupiter went into Libra, where Trump’s Jupiter is, Hillary made her basket of deplorables comment and 2 days later collapsed at the 9/11 memorial.

We are seeing events on earth match events in the sky. This is the basic premise of Astrology. If we don’t see this, we have a lot of books to burn.

Fixed Stars is a complex topic. I’m in the process of simplifying. We started our look with the charts of the U.S., Trump, Hilary, and guild participants.

The brightest star in the sky, Sirius is within 2 degrees of the U.S. Sun and we are the number 1 country in the world. One of our members has it on her Mercury. She is involved in consciousness research when she visits the Monroe Institute in Va.

Trump has Regulus, the little king, on his Ascendant. We have observed his nature and behavior and this makes sense. One of our members has it on his Venus and another on his Sun. We will be examining this further.

Trump has Algol on his M.C.; he is looking up at heroic Perseus holding the severed head of evil Medusa. I want to know the effect of this on his parents, business, reputation, and goals. Another member has Algol on his Jupiter. I would like to know how he feels about the Jupiter people in his life and in the world.

Hilary has important Fomalhaut on her M.C. and Betelgeuse on her Ascendant in her evening chart. The former depicts the southern fish swimming in water supplied by Aquarius and shows Hilary, like the fish,  receiving from above. The president with Aquarius rising is helping her as are donors. The later brings the powerful qualities of Orion, the hunter to her personally. In the morning chart where her Scorpio and Leo planets are angular, stars are less important. The evening chart looks more like a win because a Pisces Moon is in the 10th in her chart and on election night. But don’t discount Trump; his planets make strong connection s to the U.S. chart.

My new approach to understanding the stars is to note the appearance of the star, mythological stories of the constellation that the star is in, and the image of the constellation. As an example, I have Aldebaran and Antares within minutes of squaring my Pisces Sun. Aldebaran is the right eye of the charging bull. Antares is the heart of the Scorpion. These constellations are an image of force. It seems that I am trying to manage some very powerful forces. As an astrologer, I try to help my clients manage the “stellar” forces that they are under. Another example is Capella on my Uranus and on another member’s Sun. Capella is in the constellation Auriga. He is a charioteer. He holds a she goat and she has her kids. This looks like a nurturing image. Is it a rescue? Is he going to have them for dinner? So for me, Capella on my Uranus makes Astrology my baby. It is; I own it. For our member. These nurturing energies have a powerful effect on her life. She could fill in the details.

Next month we will look at more stars in our charts, in those of returning members, and in those of the famous.


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