S.T.A.R. Guild Report Feb. ’14 Meeting

S.T.A.R. Guild Report, February ’14 Meeting


S.T.A.R. Guild met on Feb 25th and had the opportunity to share ideas. We got so busy with unaspected planets that we put off looking at Ceres, the grain goddess and Eris, the goddess of discord. I still have pilgrims who are waiting to be seen.


In reference to unaspected planets, we did not use the nodes, asteroids, Chiron, or minor aspects. I presented the part of the charts of very well know people that I have on my site in my 12 part sign series who had unaspected planets or something similar. Very few of the whole group had unaspected planets as we defined them but we found some other interesting things. Others in our group just happened to bring in the same charts.

chart julia childs   charts ame carl yeats

One of the guild’s friends noted that an unaspected Sun is sad in that it may represent a meaningless life. Julia Child has a low Leo Sun that only opposes the MC. She mourned never having children. Amelia Earhart also has a low Leo Sun with a wide conjunction with Mercury and a strong square to the Ascendant. Julia could not bring in new life and Amelia could not keep hers.

chart mlk  hanks and disney  r ken and kubler ross

Martin Luther King has an elevated Mercury in Aquarius that only squares the Ascendant. Does it’s lack of connections with other planets make the forward looking Aquarian energy purer?

Disney has Neptune in the 10th making only a conjunction with the MC.

Robert Kennedy has Mars in the whole sign 7th making only an opposition with the Ascendant. (We seen this placement of Mars in the 7th with shootings in other people’s charts.)

charts ame carl yeats  pic chard

The writer Yeats has Mercury in Gemini opposing the MC and trining the Ascendant, nothing else. (Did you know that he was in the Order of the Golden Dawn?) He has an Aquarius Moon and his Gemini Sun is with Uranus. Teillard de Chardin, another thinker and writer has an Aries Mercury making only sextile aspects to the MC and the Ascendant, which are trine to each other.

charts clint pope jp cart  chart w rehnquist   charts bush eleanor fdr  charts ken holiday

Jimmy Carter’s Saturn only conjuncts his Ascendant and Squares his MC. His Scorpio Moon and Saturn are in the same sign separated by about 12 degrees. Maybe he gets a pass. Saturnine authority figure, Justice Rehnquist, who was born the same day, does appear to have an unaspected Saturn; it is 15 degrees away from his Moon. Incidentally, this judge has Jupiter in Sag on the Ascendant. George Bush, baby Bush, has Saturn squaring only the MC. It resides in the 12th with his sun separated by 13 degrees. Remember, his sister died in his youth. A  S.T.A.R. Guild friend has suggested that we add Ted Kennedy to our list with an unaspected Saturn, ruler of the 1st, in the 1st. She says that this would give him, his Saturn, a maverick or Uranian flavor. She cites Eugene Moore in this. There is a wide opposition with Pluto that is in question. If in effect, he would come into contact with extremes, death, Scorpios, and that which is overwhelming.

charts ken mari dylan  chart josemaria escriva de balaguer

John Kennedy appears to have an unaspected Pluto in Cancer at the top of his chart, 9th or 10th depending on how you slice it. Josemaria Escriva De Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei, has an unaspected Mars; no sex for him!

chart queen elizabeth 2

The Queen, who owns all of England, has an unaspected Sun in Taurus.

chart hugh hefner


Hugh Hefner’s Piscean 7th wholesign house Venus is 10 degrees away from a Piscean Moon. This is the only aspect for Venus and it is apparently all that he needs.

chart leonardo da vinci   charts ken mari dylan  chart Picasso


Finally, neither Bob Dylan, Leonardo Da Vinci, or Picasso have unaspected planets but they all have a wide square between Venus and Mars. Dylan has Venus in wordy Gemini. Leonardo has Venus in Taurus. And Picasso has Venus in Libra.

Conclusion: Not many of my large original group had unaspected planets. In some, a planet aspecting only the angles was very strong and defined what they are known for. Very few had an unaspected planet associated with what they were known for, for example, the Queen with her power and money having an unaspected Sun in Taurus. Others had a key planet, in reference to what they did or are, that was strong enough by being involved in a weak conjunction, especially to the Sun or Moon. Look at the Saturns with Moon or Sun that we saw.

If you want to see these charts, you’ll find this piece with them on my site at www.lesliemarlar.com

Next month on March 25th we’ll look at medical Astrology. The idea is for each of us to bring in our bottom line of what we look at in a horoscope to see health problems.

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