Star Guild March ’15 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Report March ’15 Meeting

S.T.A.R. Guild study group met and continued to explored the area of disposition. We went around the table and members gave their thoughts on the sign placements of Venus and Mars and their dispositors.

Our nonogenarian has Venus in Aquarius and she likes reading, gadgets, and sewing. Her Uranus is in Pisces. Her mate was big on fishing and she has lived near the beach for years. Her Saturn is in Scorpio; she holds back with people. Her Mars is in Scorpio; we could stop with Mars’ rulership and note her passion for sewing. Mars is also disposed by Pluto in Cancer. Her sewing is like domestic construction. Also she is a nurse and she has an intestinal disease.

Our pretty Libra has Venus in Scorpio; she loves spiritual things. Her Mars is in Aries and she likes strong men. Her Pluto is in Leo and she dresses with flare and dignity. For Mars, its placement in Aries has no disposition and she admits to plenty of energy early in the day.

Another member with a natural chart has Venus in Cancer. She was in real estate and involved with family and kids. Her Moon is in Aquarius and took her beyond this with progressive and metaphysical things. Her Mars is in Pisces. She admits that she likes to be alone. Jupiter is in Gemini and her aloneness is okay until it gets boring. Her Neptune is in Virgo and she admits to a subtle awareness of criticism of her dreams and males in her circle with alcohol problems.

Another member has Venus in Cancer and her great love is her children. Her Moon is in Libra, a mutual reception. Love happens in her home with her brood. Her Mars is in Taurus wrecking havoc with Taurus things. Her Venus in Cancer suggests to me that love, emotion, and diet are the source of this and the fix.

Another member with a natural chart has Venus in Scorpio; she loves metaphysics and has experienced psychic events. Her Mars is in Cancer and she sites that how an intended operates in a home is important to her. Her Pluto is also in Scorpio and emphasizes the nature of her Scorpio Venus. We were impressed by what she is channeling. Her Mars in Cancer is disposed by a Moon in Sagittarius. She informed us that she is not active enough but got up and traveled across the country to get an education.

Lastly, our Venus in Aries loves love and her Mars in Leo gives her men power & dignity. Mars is disposed by a Pisces Sun and spiritual qualities or Bacchic tendencies shows up in the men in her circle.
Our foreign born member has Venus in Taurus. Notice how we come to a stop for the home sign. She admits to buying lots of art. Her Mars is in Scorpio. We expected energy. She tells that Saturn next to Mars slows her down a bit. She still gave a pretty high percentage of available energy. Her Pluto is in libra. I think this is a bit laid back.

Next month we will look at the dispositors of Mercury and the Sun and the final dispositor. Charts of topical events will be welcomed as always.

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