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by Leslie Marlar

Feb 2012


I was facebooking with a colleague months ago. In our conversation she referred to the many wonders in the world, and I’ve been thinking about wonders ever since.


Another word, magic, is a difficult one to define and use but I think I’ve come up with a temporary solution to it’s usage along with the notion of wonders. MAGIC IS THE RECOGNITION AND PURSUIT OF WONDERS.


As a Pisces these delicate things are a pleasure to me, things like Astrology, the reality of psychism, near death experiences, and the possibility of the existence of supernatural life forms. So I’m going to write about these things and as an Astrologer I’d like to use the planets as an organizing tool to classify the wonders that I’ve managed to think of. I’d like to know what you think. How many more can you come up with? Here goes!


THE SUN. The Sun represents life, the great variety of marvelous life forms, happiness, and success.

A life wonder is healing through thought, light, color, music, touch, water, heat, earth, and prayer.

A happiness wonder is knowing our place in relationship to all other things in the universe and to God. Knowing the set of things classified under each planet and sign in Astrology and how these things relate to planets and signs in our horoscopes helps us do this.

A success wonder is knowing ourselves, knowing our relationship to all things, and by this, knowing when to take actions. This is all, at least in part, related to Astrology.

But we know that at a certain level, All is One.


THE MOON. The Moon represents the dark, hidden, and feminine; and the application of light to these things.

Moon wonders are hidden things, hidden forces, and the mind.

The greatest Moon wonder is the exploration of the mind as done in meditation and hypnosis. In meditation we discover our insides and the insides of the universe, the collective unconscious and the supernatural.


MERCURY. Mercury represents thought, communication, and travel.

A Mercury wonder is the immense power of thought and the incredible complexity of the nervous structure. The Mercury card in the Tarot is the Magician.


VENUS represents love, beauty, and pleasure.

A Venus wonder is the power of loving, of sharing beauty, and of giving pleasure. In the New Testament, God is defined as love.


MARS. Mars is about energy and action.

A Mars wonder is taking action and taking it at the right time.


JUPITER. Jupiter represents faith and all that is good.

A Jupiter wonder is the power of faith and the presence of good and of God at all places in existence and at all times.


SATURN. Saturn represents foundations and the best and highest expression of all things. Saturn wonders are science, the importance of having high standards, and the power of a goal.


URANUS. Uranus represents Astronomy, Astrology. brilliance, and all things that stand out from the norm.

Uranian wonders are the fact that Astrology works and the experience of discovery. If discovery is serendipitous, it’s even more fun.


NEPTUNE. Neptune represents the imagination and the realities that live there.

Neptune wonders are experiences in which we sense the mysteries of existence. In other words, seeing, hearing, feeling, and sensing things that most others do not.


PLUTO. Pluto represents the reality of powerful forces in the universe like gravity and karma and death and our ability to study them.

A Pluto wonder is the near death experience. In it, science has proven a long term claim of religion, life after death. (see Dr. Jeff Long’s “Evidence for the Afterlife”)



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