April ’20 Guild Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Astrology Study Group April ’20 Meeting Report

We had our 2nd meeting over the internet on skype. We are still working on seeing and hearing each member and showing horoscopes. Screen management is still being figured out. We did cover a lot of territory.

As to Venus in Gemini from April until August, we will be watching and recording the Venus transiting placements and events of our members. Mars & Saturn both are in Aquarius from April until mid-May. I am includidng the house placement of our members post meeting as an extra bit of research. We will follow up later.

Member 1 has Venus on her Sun in the 3rd. She has transiting Mars & Saturn in her 11th with her Moon. I’m wondering about communicaitons, friends, and women in her life.

Member 2 has Venus in the 3rd also and Aquarius in the 11th with natal Saturn.

We will be wondering about communications and travel and difficulty for friends.

Members 3 and 4 have it in the 12th opposing planets in the 6th.

One is furloughed. Both have Aquarius in the 8th, so we are looking at finances.

Member 5 has transiting Venus in the 5th on Jupiter. I predict a new puppy. Aquarius is in her 1st; I expect a personal story.

Member 6 has Venus passing through her 9th squaring her Sun. Travel? And Aquarius is in her 5th. She’s young and pretty. What’s with the boyfrifend or creative projects.

Member 7 has Venus in her 6th opposing Mercury in her 12th and trine planets in Libra. Her work is slower and there are some temporary restricitons. Aquarius is in her 2nd.

Member 8 has Venus in her 2nd with Uranus. I had a Florida box turtle show up in my back yard months ago. Recently I saw anoather in the front yard and put her in the back. Now I have 2 turtles. (Gemini) I have Aquarius in the wholesign 10th with Mercury.

As to the virus, looking at the planets in the southeast around 5 to 6 am, we see Jupiter and Saturn. Mars is seen moving away from them. If we call Mars the virus, that’s good. If we call the virus Pluto, it is not visible and still near Jupiter and Saturn.

Next month, we will have another skype and look at the nodes in theory and in our charts.



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