Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer
June ’18                      charles krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer was born on March 13th, 1950 in New York and died on June 21st, ’18. He wrote a column in the Washington Post and was a pundit on Fox News.

He is noted for his injury, intellect, and integrity. His paralyzing injury is well represented by Saturn opposing the Sun. His intellect is shown by Saturn opposing Mercury. This shows thought of substance. Also it has been noted in a Fox special on his life that writing was very hard work for him. His integrity is harder to define. I’ll go with Saturn in Virgo and the Moon most likely in Capricorn. I’m favoring Saturn because it the planet of high standards because it is elevated in the natural chart.

He is cited as being honest and direct but not mean. The involvement of Mars with personal planets is limited to a trine to Venus. Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius could show love of people which is is said to have had. The delight for little things is hard to define without a time and an Ascendant. It could be the Pisces Sun; Pisces is connected and the nature of Pisces depends upon what we are connected to. He was connected to his chair but the observations suggests that he was attuned to something wonderful.

Before setting up the chart, I wanted to see something in Sagittarius and I was curious about the condition of Chiron. The focus on Sagittarius was because it has a mental and a physical side. With the physical injured in Krauthammer, the mental took over. And this makes us think of Chiron in myth, who taught the gods because he could not be out playing with the boys, the centaurs. Charles has no planets in Sagittarius. But he has Chiron in Sagittarius squaring Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun. There it is.

Another brilliant Pisces was Einstein. He had Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aries.

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