2016 & 2017

2016 & 2017, A Look Back & A Look Forward
by Leslie Marlar

2017 should be better than 2016. Some difficult planetary elements have ended, some new good things have started, and some things remain the same.
Pluto is still in Capricorn, where it is being quite conservative. Uranus is still in Aries, where it is progressive and rebellious. Neptune is still in Pisces being strange but also mystical. And Saturn is still in Sagittarius, the shooting sign, where it hampers foreigners, travel, and religion. (Note that 5000 migrants have died this year.)
Extreme Pluto and Uranus are still in a conflict generating square. As they move apart and the conflict weakens, Jupiter connects with them and keeps it going through much of ’17.
The Neptune Saturn square has weakened and that is good because Neptune in water sign, Pisces can bring floods, and Saturn in fire sign, Sagittarius can bring fires.
Good Jupiter was in Virgo for much of ’16 squaring Saturn, which thwarts good. Jupiter is in Libra for most of ’17 where it does good for art, peace, law, and relationships. Jupiter was trining Pluto in ’16 and wealth was being created in the market.
In ’17 Saturn is trining Uranus and this is good for science. Incidentally, trines are good; think of the strength the triangle has in construction. Squares are bad; think of the lower tides at the quarter Moons. They are lower because the gravitational forces are in conflict.
The big story is Mars and I’m sure that he would like that. In ’16 it was in only 2 signs for much of the year. When the troublesome planet slows down, the trouble lasts longer. Also the signs that he was in were problematic. In January, February, June, and July Mars was in Scorpio. Scorpio is energetic, transforming, renewing, and horrible. The constellation is a Scorpion. It is an emotional water sign. If you want a picture and the scorpion isn’t enough, think of any image from Steven King’s work. In March, April, May, August, and September Mars was in Sagittarius. This sign is a centaur shooting an arrow. It is the shooting sign. Another armed sign is Gemini, one twin holds a club. And Scorpio is “armed” with its stinger.
When Mars was in Scorpio these things happened: the death of David Bowie, the flint water poisoning discovery, the finding of deceased Justice Scalia, floods in Europe, the Pulse shooting, the death of a boy by alligator at Disney, the report that 65 million had been displaced by war, the Brexit vote, the Istanbul airport attack, an attack in Baghdad, the Dallas shooting, Comey’s first report of Hilary’s carelessness with the classified, floods in China, the Nice massacre, the attempted coup in Turkey, and floods in India.
When Mars was in Sagittarius these things happened: the Dubai plane crash, the Brussels bombing, a bombing in Pakistan, a quake in Ecuador, the death of Prince (Prince’s MC is with the royal star Regulus, hence the name), the Egyptian plane crash, wild fires in Canada, a bombing in Baghdad, floods in Louisiana, the bombing of a Turkish wedding street party, the Quake in Amatrice, the murder of two nuns in Mississippi, the explosion of a Spacex rocket on the pad during a static fire test, and Hillary’s basket of deplorable comment.
I know that there will be fires and floods and bombings and shootings next year, but I don’t think it will be this bad. We are learning to be vigilant. Also Mars causes trouble in other signs too.
When Mars went into Capricorn it squared Jupiter and Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti and killed 1000 people. Also, two trains collided in Pakistan. While the trouble planet was in this political sign, we heard the open mike Trump tape, the wikileaks emails, and two more statements from Comey.
We have a long list of events when Mars was in Aquarius. This may be because Aquarius is the sign of people. So, people were in danger. These events happened: Trump’s election, riots after Trump’s election, an Indian train derailment, an attack on a shrine in Pakistan, a collision of trains in Iran, Castro’s death, fires in North Carolina, the start of flights between us and Cuba, the Oakland Ghostship fire, a quake in Reuleut, an attack on a Coptic church, the collapse of a church in Nigeria, heightened attacks on Aleppo, a Pakistan plane crash, and the death of spaceman, John Glenn.
While Mars has been in Pisces with mythological Neptune, we have had: the Berlin Christmas market terror attack, the Mexico City fireworks market explosions, the Russian plane crash that took the Russian army choir, and the death of musical and Hollywood icons :Zsa Zsa Gabor, George Michaels, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds.
Throughout all of these periods, murders in Chicago were hitting records.

A stronger story is told by the charts for the events.
In the Pulse shooting, the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, the Moon, Saturn, and Neptune were involved in a conflicted grand cross. Also, Mars in Scorpio ruler the moment, was in the 8th house, house of death.

In the Istanbul airport attack, Saturn was at the Medium Coeli. This is the high point in the chart and is called an angle. Angles are like the cardinal points. Shakespeare said that a planet at an angle reigns.

In the chart for the Dallas shooting, Mars was reigning at the Medium Coeli and Pluto was reigning at the Ascendant, the eastern angle.

In the Nice chart, Saturn was reigning at the Medium Coeli and Mars was with the Moon.

For the Brussels attach, Pluto was reigning at the M.C. and and there was a conflicted T square between planets in Pisces, Virgo, and Sagittarius that included Saturn and Mars.

In the chart of the bombing of the wedding party in Gazian turkey, Mars and Saturn reigned from the western angle.

The Amatrice earthquake happened with Mars exactly conjunct Saturn and both near the star, Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion.

A Spacex rocket blew up on the pad during a static fire test. The Moon was right next to the Sun and both were squaring Mars and Saturn. I hope some day that these rocket scientists, some of whom I know and love, will learn that you do not do anything risky under a sky like that.

Castro died when the Moon was in Scorpio and Mars was in Aquarius. These signs are fixed signs. He had 6 planets in fixed signs, including Mars and Saturn.

In the Berlin Christmas market attack, the Moon was past an opposition with Mars and Neptune and coming to a square with Saturn and the Sun.

Carrie Fisher was having her Mars return and her Saturn return.

Conclusion. Terrible things happened this past year. Many will happen next year, although, I think things will be better. Many of these events were caused by people behaving badly or foolishly.
Let’s remember that there were many good events happening that we were not aware of. And I know and you know that most people are good. But humans did contribute to these bad events, as did the planets. All planets and signs have a good side. Better behavior on our part would show us using the better side of the planetary energies.
So the more solid we are in our own goodness and harmony, the better we would deal with coming events and even contribute to making good ones.

I wish you all a Happy New Year of using your stellar energies well.

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