Trump and Melania

Trump and Melania             chart-melania-trump

We learn a lot about people in a relationship when we place the planets of each around the chart of the other.
We have no time on Melania, so we do not know the Ascendant and other houses. Her Moon is most likely in Capricorn but it could be late Aquarius. With the possibility of a Capricorn Moon and the Sun near Saturn, this a serious, goal oriented, disciplined, formal, and ambitious woman. She might be beautiful but she is not frufru.
Using solar wholesign houses, she has Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus in money sign, Taurus in the first. So lots of money comes to her. Mars in the 2nd opposing Neptune in the 8th places more emphasis on money and any trouble here is solved ingeniously due to a trine and sextile from Uranus in the work oriented 6th. She has Jupiter in th 7th and she has a rich husband. The Moon in the 9th shows an emphasis on foreigners, which is us.
Mercury and Venus together show intelligence and beauty working together in her and in her world.
When we place her planets around Trump’s chart, we see her Taurus planets in the sign of his Midheaven. This enhances his 10th, his career, reputation, and standing. Her Mars is in his Sun sign, so she stimulates him. She may make him feel young.

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