Edouard Manet, Luncheon in the Grass, and the Whole Sign Chart

Edouard Manet, “Luncheon in the Grass”, and the Whole Sign Chart.

edouard manet

Edouard Manet was born in Paris in 1832 on Jan. 23rd at 7 pm and died in 1883. During his life he painted topics in controversial ways but was eventually honored. He is considered one of the founders of the impressionistic movement. His Sun, Uranus, and Jupiter in early, middle, and late Aquarius nicely explains any tendency to have the confidence and attendant success at being different.

He has Leo rising, like Picasso, and this too suggest a person who does what he wants. His Ascendant very near Regulus adds energy that can bring greatness.

His Libra Moon near Spica, shows a sense of beauty and shouts beautiful women. Note the beauty of the woman and of the painting the “Bar at the Follies Bergers”.

His Mercury near Vega and in the same sign with Neptune, and square Pluto and trine Saturn increases intellect, perception, and focus on the arts. The MC in Taurus, also like Picasso’s 10th sign, adds to recognition for Venus ruled art.

But my favorite feature of his chart is Venus conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in the 5th whole sign house. He was criticized for the detail and the “direct outward gaze” of the nude in “Olympia”. And the “Luncheon in the Grass” was called “vulgar and threatening”. It shows two men in suits having a picnic with a nude woman. This painting is like an image of what Venus with Mars in Sagittarius in the 5th means. The painting connotes sexual freedom at a picnic.


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