S.T.A.R. Guild Report Jan. ’14


S.T.A.R. Guild Report, Jan. ’14

pilgrims sightings

We had our meeting on the 28th of Jan. and had an informative time. One of our members is familiar with the Monroe Institute in Va. This in the Robert Monroe, who she called Bob, that wrote “Journey Out of the Body” decades ago. I’m looking forward to her report after she goes to another session.

We spent most o the everning on the Grand Cross in cardinal signs involving Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto. We noted the presence of the cross in any natal, solar, weather, ingress, horary, or election chart from Dec. ’13 to almost August ’14. This is a big deal and is traditionally associated with tension, interference, and conflict. As we started to study it, we noted its impact on anyone of our group who had something important in a cardinal sign. And in some cases Jupiter on something important in the chart in question at least offered some help. I got quite confident after I decided that we all just had to use the planetary energy in a positive way in whatever house it fell in and also include a good energy use of the impacted planet. So, if it is impacting the Moon, work on your mood. If on your Venus, get you relationship in shape and do art. But then the Atlanta storm and traffic jam happened and demonstrated how little control we sometimes have. And it happened with a Capricorn Moon tying into the cross. In addition to using the planetary energy of the cross well and getting our lives straight, it is also important to select good days for starting any important project. 10 days out of the month are affected by this cross. Also if that is not possible to get a good Moon, at least get an Ascendant making some good aspects. One of our members noted that tense planetary structures make us aware of conflicts that we might just solve. There’s a nice optimistic Sagittarius for you and she could be right.

One of ours wanted to know more about weather charts. One theory that I know from the Church of Light is to use charts set up for three events at one’s location to see three things. For temprature, we use the ingress or season chart. For wind, we use the chart for Mercury entering a sign, whether direct or retrograde. For moisture, we use the time at one’s location for each Moon phase.

Areas that we’ll be looking at next are singleton or unaspected planets in a chart, Chris Christie, and the pilgrims that we never got to at earlier meetings. The chart of the first land sighting of the pilgrims is splendid. We also want to look at Ceres and Eris. The Mountain Astrologer had a nice artilce on theese two by Maria Kay Simms. Topical events can always come up and if so, we’ll look at them.

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