The Trump File

1/5/17                    chart trump

President Elect Trump was born under a Full Moon. His Sun is in Gemini and his Moon in Sagittarius. The most important bodies in the chart, the luminaries are opposed. This means a number of things. His heart and his mind are opposed. We can watch for this. Also the men in his life and the women in his life are opposed. He will always be remembered as the man who ran against the first female candidate for president. Full Moons are a beautiful time of the month due to the celestial light. And he is surrounded by beauty. In Hindu Astrology, the 3 days before and after the Full Moon are considered fortunate.
All that is associated with Gemini and with Sagittarius is important. Gemini is about words, communication, thoughts, facts, and science. Sagittarius is about communication, opinions, drawing meaning and conclusions from facts, and religion. (Also Sagittarius has a tendency to blurt things out) A news paper is a good example of these opposing signs which we call an axis. The news pages are Gemini and the editorials are Sagittarius.
The planet, Uranus is right next to his Sun and opposing his Moon. This means that Uranus has a powerful effect upon his life, represented by the luminaries. Uranus is unpredictable and ingenious. Uranus and the Sun trine Jupiter and Jupiter sextiles the Moon. This is lottery winning type luck. How did he win with the Democrats, Republicans, and press against him? He was also born on the day of an eclipse, which is a force of nature or maybe supernature.
So far his chart seems to describe him well. He says he’s smart, he’s known as a media wiz, and Heraldo says he’s a force of nature.
Trump has a Taurus Midheaven. This point is the high point in his chart and it is the money sign. The Imum Coeli is the low point or 4th house of the chart and associated with home, family, father, and real estate. He has Scorpio here. Mars and Pluto “rule” Scorpio and both are in his rising sign. Since the rising sign is him this means that these things come to him. He is in the real estate business that he inherited from his father.

His rising sign is Leo, the lion, king of the jungle. He is soon the be the head lion. And he has cubs in his pride from a variety of lionesses. Of course we understand the mane. Mars is very close to his Ascendant, this is a point on the horizon in the east. Mars, as the mythological god of war, is full of energy and fight and so is he. Trump’s Leo Ascendant is very close to the first magnitude, royal star, Regulus. Have you seen Trump Tower and Mar-a-lago?

The U.S. Chart has four planets in Cancer and Trump has three. These are Mercury, Saturn, and Venus. Mercury is in a strong square with imaginative and exaggerating Neptune. Saturn and Venus are close to each other and this can represent women, Venus, who have discipline and high standards, Saturn.


Trump’s Sun Uranus opposed Moon structure cuts across the horizon in the U.S. Chart. This means that he makes a strong impact on the country and these planets connect powerfully with the U.S. Mars, the military planet.

Our Aquarius Moon and Midheaven sit in his 7th house of partners & enemies. This gives him a powerful and sometimes problematic relationship with the government and the people.


Finally, Trump has Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter wins and Libra is a legal sign. At the time of the election Jupiter was in Libra in the sky.
Houses are directional areas in the sky that have meaning. Trump’s Sun is in the 11th house which says that hope is important to him. His Moon is in the 5th house, which makes him creative and sensitive to children. Mercury, Saturn, and Venus are in the 12th house which brings secrets, mysteries, restrictions, and disappointments into his life. And finally, Neptune and Jupiter are in his third house which suggests the presents of many and imaginative communications.

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