Feb ’24 Newsletter

From the desk of Leslie Marlar Feb. 2024

STAR Guild met on the 23rd and discussed a number of things. We looked at the last two Spacex launches including an attempt the day before for each one that did not fly. On January 13th the chart for the launch attempt had the Moon approaching Saturn. Saturn is famous for delays. It did not go. The next the Moon was 9 degrees past Saturn and it went. On Jan 17th the chart for the launch attempt had the Moon in Aries moving toward squaring the Sun and Pluto. It did not go. The next day, the Moon had moved into Taurus and was very near good Jupiter. It went. This is just what we would expect.

King Charles is in the news with some upcoming surgery. He has a very early Taurus Moon at the top of his chart. Pluto has just gone into Aquarius and its very early position is squaring the King’s Moon. P.S. His mother had a very early Taurus Sun; so, his Moon represented her literally.

Trump won in Iowa, Venus was in Sagittarius on his Moon. Venus will be there again on election day. Jupiter, which is currently at the top of his chart, favoring him, will be on his Sun on election day. Jupiter on the Sun is a success aspect.

Next month, The Guild will look at Venus and Neptune in our charts – where is love?

What happened last month?

Israel noted a tactical shift in the war on Jan. 1st. They sent some troops home but stated that the war would go on for quite a while. Pluto went into fixed sign, Aquarius on Jan. 20th; this will address planets in fixed sign in the Israel chart for the next 20 years. In other words, Pluto will be making strong geometrical connections, aspects, throughout the 20 years. Some aspects of the war may lessen when Uranus leaves fixed sign, Taurus in spring ’26.

An earthquake struck on Jan. 1st in Suzu, Japan. It took 126 souls. The chart of this event has the Ascendant a few degrees past a square of Mars and Neptune, “shaker of earth”. And the Moon was just a few degrees past an opposition to Saturn.

The U.S. debt is at 34 trillion. Pluto was in a financial part of the U.S. chart and opposing 4 planets in the other financial house from ’08 to now.

The ULA Vulcan launch went off, but the mission failed when the lander developed problems. In the chart for the launch there was a strong square between the Moon and Saturn.

Taiwan voted in a president that China does not like. The Moon was in democratic sign, Aquarius.

A second eruption happened in Grindavik on Jan 14th at 8 am. Hot Sagittarius was rising and the Moon was right next to Saturn. Two houses in town were lost the next day.

Alec Baldwin was indicted in the shooting incident on Jan 19th. The Moon was in Taurus. He has Mercury very early in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius in the sky is squaring it. Mercury/Pluto represents a lot of worry.

On Jan. 22nd the Supreme Court ruled that border patrol in Texas can cut the razor wire that Texas is putting up to block foreign nationals from coming into our

country. This is setting up a conflict between Texas and the Federal Government. The Moon was in traveling sign Gemini and then Cancer, where the U.S. has 4 planets. Mercury and Mars were opposing our Sun. Mars opposing the Sun is an important conflict.

Trump won the 1st primary in New Hampshire on the 23rd. Good Jupiter is passing through his 10th house, house of honor.

Jan. 22 – Jan. 24. Texas is not changing its new border policy and it is in conflict with the Biden administration.

In February, faster moving planets in goal oriented and honor desiring, Capricorn are followed by planets in knowledge loving, Aquarius, and later are followed by planets in lent-like Pisces, whose natives want to bond with the oversoul. The Capricorn planets will trine Jupiter and Uranus and show some luck good coming to us and the world in what we are dealing with at that time. When planets get into Aquarius, they will square Jupiter and Uranus. We will need to be sensible and not overdo things. Events can come that are unexpected and events that happen as a result of poor judgment. When they enter Pisces, we will be dealing with very different types of feelings. Those in charge can be practical and uplifting or at a loss and unrealistic.

This will be our first month of seeing Pluto, newly in Aquarius. Both Pluto and the Sun went into Aquarius, and on the Jan. 21st, Mt. Merapi erupted.

I am watching Mercury with Pluto around the 5th for powerful news, Mars with Pluto around mid-month for destructive events, and Venus with Pluto around mid-month for innocents dealing with forceful events.

Fairly good days in February are: 3, 6, 7, 11, 13, 18, 19, 20, 23, 25, 26, 27, & 29.

These are days when there are good Moon aspects with other planets.

New Moon in Aquarius on the 8th and 9th is a new start in our intellectual lives and our social lives.

Full Moon in Virgo on the 24th and 25th shows projects coming to fruition. And the moonlight is a gift.

Please remember my site and STAR Guild on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6 pm on Skype. Email me if you need me.

Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77


Hermetician Church of Light ’93


Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90