May ’20 Guild Report

May ’20 S.T.A.R. Guild Astrology Study Group Meeting Report

We had our 3rd group skype call at our regular meeting time. We were only missing 3 members who we hope to see soon.

We looked at the Moon’s Nodes in our charts after reviewing various writers, mostly Martin Schulman. My impression of his method is to see the South node sign and its house as very negative and interfering with the use of north node sign and its house. He says that we bring in the south node qualities from past lives and that it interfers with the use of the north which is our job in this life. With our emphasis on the south node we fall into familiar patterns instead of developing through pursuing the qualities of the north node. And this is similar to astrologers saying that the south node is like a negative Saturn and the north like a good Jupiter. Here is what we found.

Member 1 had a Taurus north node in the 1st house and a Scorpio south node in the 7th with an exact square from Saturn in Leo. She noted that marriage had been important to her in her youth and that she became a fairly satisfied financially dependent traditional wife. Developing herself came later from the intensity of Scorpio. The square of Saturn was drive to excel in school, graduate with honors, and become a certified astrologer by two organizations. After looking at the Scorpio/Taurus tension, she wants to have more guiltless relaxation and ice cream.

Member 2 has a Virgo north node in the 6th with Neptune and the south node in Pisces in the 12th with Mars, her first house ruler. Theoretically, she needs to do less Pisces and 12th and more Virgo and 6th. Neptune being near the north node seems to mirror the Pisces south node. Apparently she did some Virgo successfully, in that she supported herself and children in real estate. She is a south node Pisces described believer. I see the entire structure as very active and to her credit.

Member 3 has a Pisces north node in the 2nd and a Virgo south node in the 8th in the same sign as Pluto. The nodes are square her Sagittarius Sun. She sees the nodes as a conflict in values, using placidus houses. If we put the nodes in 3rd and 9th, we see a conflict in views. She is highly skilled and factual and although promoting good does not come across as a believer in subtle Pisces things. The north node in Pisces “wants to believe”. But I think the Sagittarius Sun makes this opposition more intense and weights the Virgo north in the 9th.

Member 4 also has a Pisces north node in the 6th or 7th and a Virgo south node in the 12th or 1st with Mars. Venus is also in that sign. She is very psychic and will drop everything anytime to help anyone in need, even to her detriment. She is believing like Pisces and serving like Virgo. Does she need to be more discriminating?

Member 5 has the north node in Sagittarius in the 9th between the Sun and Mars, her 1st house ruler. Her south node is in Gemini in the 3rd. We noted that she might seek out more 9th house people, those who are less familiar than the 3rd and she agreed. And we see our chef teaching. Since there are no planets in her 3rd and Mercury and Jupiter are in conjunction, she may have less conflict with her nodes than some of us.

Member 6 has a Leo north node in the 11th and the Aquarius north node in the 5th with Neptune. She is very young and we are delighted to have her in our group. We talked about the now versus the future, personal power versus group consensus. We should have brought up doing versus hoping. ( She seems to be doing just fine.) Her nodal opposition squares Jupiter in Taurus. She is not self indulgent and does not even drink coffee. But there is something else, Saturn is next to her Jupiter.

Finally, Member 7 has an Aquarius north node in the 8th and the south in Leo in the 2nd with Pluto. A Scorpio Sun in the 5th opposes Jupiter in Taurus and this opposition crosses the nodes’ opposition. Issues of money and power jump out at us. She has made money from musical performance and psychic readings and she notes that these are not lucrative, especially the music . She also works for a large company and deals with many people as co-workers or costumers. I think she’s doing both nodes.

Conclusion. Schulman’s format presented the issues in a dramatic way. It was not that clear in our group that one node was favored over the other.. But I saw through my colleagues that it seems best if we engage and harmonize the opposing signs and houses of both nodes. They both seem like part of our mission in this life.