Astrology of Elizabeth 2 & Charles 3

The Astrology of Queen Elizabeth and King Charles

by Leslie Marlar

In people whose lives have extreme situations, we find extreme planetary positions in their horoscopes. They make great examples of the correspondences between their lives and their planets.

Queen Elizabeth has Capricorn rising and as a result, Saturn is her personal planet or ruler. Her Saturn is at the top of the chart, at the highest position, the zenith. She was elevated in rank. She is also one of he best examples of the positive expression of Saturn. It is important to point this out, because Saturn has a bad reputation as the planet of loss, failure and decline. It is also the planet of self discipline, duty, high standards, delayed gratification, and self sacrifice. The description of the Queen as a rock, harkens back to her Ascendant being an earth sign.

When Jupiter and Mars are together, it signals the death of kings. They were not together when the Queen died. But she has Jupiter and Mars together in her birth chart in Aquarius. Saturn in the sky, has been near them since March and the Moon was there the day that she died. Incidentally, the Moon and Saturn were together in Aquarius the day John Kennedy died. Aquarius represents people on a global level and on both days people were grieving all over the world.

So, the death of the Queen was signaled by Saturn and the Moon in the sky passing over Jupiter and Mars in her chart.

King Charles also has Jupiter and Mars together in Sagittarius. (He has this in the offspring 5th house and William is Sagittarius rising.) There are other similarities between mother’s and son’s charts. She has the Moon in royal sign, Leo, He has his rising sign there. She has a very early Taurus Sun in the 5th house, the offspring house. He has the Moon very early in Taurus in the 10th house, the mother house. This means that their charts describe each other.

She has Saturn in quiet and insightful Scorpio and he has the Sun in Scorpio near the same degree. Saturn rules her and the Sun rules him due to their rising signs. Her loss of life, Saturn, gave rise to his success, Sun.

Both the Queen and King have a dignified Venus and both eventually married for love.

Finally, it is interesting to note that expansive Jupiter is approaching his Midheaven, high point, as he assumes the crown.