Artists & their Horoscopes, Michaelangelo

Eight Artist & their Horoscopes, Michaelangelo
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This is a presentation of eight well known artists and their horoscopes. The object is to see the person in the horoscope. These artists were selected because I was aware of them and had good birth data on them, an accurate horoscope. The whole sign house system is used. Information comes from Wikepedia, Web Gallery of Art, Global Gallery, Biography and Gallery of Art, lucidcafe, and Essential Michaelangelo.

Like Leonardo, Michaelangelo has Sagittarius rising, the Moon in Pisces, and a planet in Aries in the 5th house. Leonardo had Neptune in Libra close to the MC and Michaelangelo has the MC in Libra. Leonardo had Mars in Aquarius in mutual reception with Mercury in Aries and Michaelangelo has Mercury in Aquarius. Leonardo had the main asteroids in later Cancer and early Leo. Michaelangelo has all in Virgo in his wholesign 10th. And like Leonardo he has 6 visible planets in exaltation or mutual reception; Mercury is in Aquarius, and the mutual receptions are Venus Mars, Venus Sun, Jupiter Saturn, and Mars Neptune.

The main structures in Michaelangelo’s chart are the Moon, Mars, and the Sun in Pisces; a T Square between the Sagittarius Ascendant, Mars and the Sun, and Pluto along with 5 asteroids; a T square between the Libra MC, Saturn, and Venus; and Mercury square Neptune. His Mercury is in an out of sign conjunction with the Moon and it is in the same sign with Jupiter. He has a grand trine between Saturn, Mars and the Sun, and Uranus and Neptune. Fomalhaut is near his Mercury and Spica and Arcturus are near his MC. Pollux is near his Saturn which is in mutual reception with his Ascendant ruler, Jupiter.

He is described as the saint of unhappiness. This is Mars with the Sun and Moon oppose Pluto and Saturn square Venus. He was also noted for his arrogance, ardent temperament, bad mood and bleeding hands. I think this is the Sun with Mars, Venus in Aries, Mars with the Moon and Sun, and Mars, ruler of the 5th with the Sun and both oppose Pluto. Despite this he had a long life and worked up until 6 days before his death. Some associate Mars with the Sun with long life. And I would add the grand trine in water.

He said something like, “ I can see the angel in the marble and carve until I set him free”. This is the grand trine in water with special emphasis on Moon, Mars, and Sun in Pisces. This grand trine is inspired, poetic, driven, and spiritual. He is defined as an artist, architect, sculptor, poet, and writer. I think this is nicely described by the planets in Pisces, the water grand trine, the mutual receptions involving the Sun, Neptune, Venus, and Mars, and the presence of both Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius. An energized Venus in Aries in the 5th in mutual reception with Mars, ruler of the 5th adds to his identity as an artist.

He was described as humanistic, and forward thinking. The sounds like Mercury and Jupiter, his ruler, in the 3rd and in Aquarius. His Mercury in Aquarius conjunct the Moon in Pisces marries progressive ideas and subtle insights. And he used his paintings to express opinions, which sounds like a Sagittarius rising. He even placed himself, friends, and enemies in paintings. This sounds like a little fun coming from his Sagittarius Ascendant trine Venus in Aries in the 5th.

In terms of personal history, he took his first drawing lessons after his mother died at age 6. He lived near a stone cutter and the cutter’s wife cared for him. At 13 he went to the artist, Ghirlanaio and at 14 to the Medici Court. He was allowed to study the sculptures in the garden. And he was exposed to brilliant writers, artists and thinkers in the Medici arena. He was in the company of the best. This is Jupiter (him) in the same sign with Mercury in Aquarius. And this is also described by Jupiter his first house ruler in Aquarius and in mutual reception with Saturn. Here are the pope and the ruling class. He was so well connected that a local priest (Jupiter) even let him study bodies. He is noted for the beauty of his nudes. Is this Mars and Venus in mutual reception? He must have developed a reputation early. And his reputation is promoted by Spica and Arcturus near his marble ruling Libra MC and the array of asteroids within 1 degree of his Pluto in his whole sign 10th. As one looks up at the Sistine Chapel ceiling, we see the classical pagan figures of Ignudi and the 5 Sibyls represented in part by those 5 asteroids.

He may have been the greatest painter, sculptor, and draftsman. His Venus, ruler of the MC in the 5th in number 1 Aries says this. He was most admired for his “terribilita”. This is the ability of his work to project awe-inspiring grandeur. Is this the drama of the Pisces planets? This grouping most interests me. For a cutter of stone to have Mars between the Moon and Sun shows how important that cutting is. And all three are disposed by his ruler, Jupiter in Aquarius, the truly grand man.

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