S.T.A.R. Guild 10/23/18 Meeting Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Astrology Meeting 10/23 Report

The Guild met and looked at a number of charts.
First we noted the position of the Moon, Sun, and all of the planets.
We delighted in taking questions from newer members. Questions were on transits, house systems, and methods of picking good dates for surgery.

We looked at an election chart set up for D.C. when the polls open. It contained a void Moon in Libra a bit past Venus in the whole sign 12th. Later in the day Uranus was seen to back into Aries. Later a New Moon in Scorpio with Jupiter was developing. We also noted that Jupiter would enter its own sign Sagittarius 2 days after the election. Uranus moving backward does not look good for the more extreme progressives. The approaching New Moon in the same sign with Jupiter seems to promote Republicans. Jupiter becoming stronger as it goes to Sagittarius on the 8th also seems to promote Republicans.
The tradition is that Saturn represents the Democrats and donkeys, and that Jupiter represents the Republicans and elephants. I confused some by defining Saturn as conservative and Jupiter as liberal. Welcome to the complexity of Astrological symbolism.

Also In the election chart Jupiter is closer to the MC than Saturn, which bodes well for Republicans. Red Mars is in Aquarius as it was late on election night, when Trump won and the othe side was highly distressed. This is important because we have the Moon, the people, in Aquarius in the U.S. Chart. This may be a red wave. This placement of Mars can also show the populace distressed and motivted to vote on both sides.

We then looked at the charts of Nelson, Scott, Gillum, and DeSantis, using the solar house system due to a lack of birth times. If we had birth times we could forecast with more confidence.
In Nelson’s birth chart we noted Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th corresponding to a nice long popular career. His Sun is trine to the Moon, which is near Uranus and he went into space. In the midterms chart we see the void Moon and Venus on his Libra Mercury in the 1st house. There are some votes.
In Scott’s chart, we see the Sun in Sagittarius oppose a Gemini Moon, a Full Moon with Mars in Aquarius trine the Moon and sextile the Sun. In the mid term chart, Mercury is in Sagittarius with his Mercury and Sun. Mars is in the same sign as his Mars, which can be the motivation of the voters. And Scott just went through the stresses of hurricane Michael. But I note most that transiting Saturn is square Nelson’s Sun and Jupiter is in Scott’s Sun and Mercury sign 2 days after the election. I’m noting a Saturn square versus a Jupiter conjunction. (Note that trump has the Moon in Sagittarius. When Jupiter enters the sign on the 8th, he should be happy,)
In Gillum’s birth chart, we see Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in likable Leo. His Moon is either in late Leo or in Virgo with Saturn. In the mid-term chart, we see Mercury and Jupiter, 2 days after the election, trining his Leo. When Uranus goes back into Taurus, it will square his Leo planets for years.
Desantis has Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun in Virgo. His Mars is in Libra trine an Aquarius Moon. The U.S. has an Aquaraius Moon, so his chart is connected to the U.S. Chart, and he has been a Congressman. In the mid-term chart, Venus and the void Moon are on his Mars. Scorpio planets are past his Venus. Mercury and later Jupiter will square his Virgo bodies. Saturn and Pluto trine his Virgo bodies. And Mars is on his Moon. In March, Uranus will start trining his Virgo planets.
In a comparison, the Saturn and Pluto trines and later the Uranus trine for DeSantis seem more induring than the Mercury and Jupiter trines for Gillum. The Uranus square for Gillum is enduring but it is a square. An enduring aspect seems important for a new life situation.
In the Florida chart, we have Mars in late Sagittarius, the Moon in Capricorn; Saturn, Venus, Neptune, and Mercury in Aquarius, the Sun in Pisces, and Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto in Aries.
In comparing Gillum and DeSantis, the Florida chart makes more connections to Desantis. Note the Capricorn Moon trining his Virgo and the Aquarius planets on his Moon.
In comparing Nelson and Scott, Scott seems to have more contacts with the Florida chart. Florida’s Mars is in his Sun sign and Florida’s Aquarius planets are on his Mars.

Nelson: 9/29/42 in Miami
Scott: 12/1/52 in Bloomington, IlGillum: 7/26/79 in Miami

DeSantis: 9/14/78 in Jacksonville
Gillum: 7/26/79 in Miami

Next month the Guild will meet on the 27th and talk about Jupiter in Sagittarius and anticipate its effects on us and the world. We will address Supreme Ct. Justices in January.

I’ll be at Book & Bead on
Nov. 17th doing astrology readings. I’ll be at the Spiritualist Church in Melbourne talking about 2019, the spirituality of each sign, and transits to each Sun sign..

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Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77
Hermetician Church of Light ’93
Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90

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