July ’15 S.T.A.R. Guild Report

July ’15 S.T.A.R. Guild Report

We had our meeting in July and looked at charts associated with out member, Carol Kent’s passage, the Chattanooga shooting, the Lafayette theater shooting, Jimmy Fallon’s finger, the departure from Jupiter Florida of the two fishing boys, and 4 writers: Patricia Cornwell, J.K. Rowling, Steven King, and E.L. James. All of the writers but King’s are solar charts.    shooting chatt

chart laf shooting         chart boys depart       chart patricia cornwell

chart j.k.rowling         chart e l james       chart steven king

Carol had a fall on 7/13 and took a blow on the head. She died on the 19th. She has Cancer rising and a late Moon in Leo. Transiting Saturn was square her Leo Moon and Mars was nearing her Ascendant for both events. Jupiter and Venus were near her Moon; this may have been a blessing. We have a picture of her on our star guild face book page and will have another great picture soon.

In the Chattanooga shooting chart, Mercury rules the Ascendant and the Midheaven. It is near Mars oppose Pluto and square Uranus. In the Lafayette theater shooting 20 Capricorn is rising a bit past Pluto, opposing Mars and squaring Uranus. And the time is on the verge of the first quarter moon. Both shootings happened with Mars stimulating the Uransus Pluto square and this relationship was associakted with the 1st house, localizing it.
We have no time for Fallon. We can see that his Mercury, finger, is at the 20th degree of Libra. Saturn squares it natally from Cancer. The Pluto Uranus square are tying into this. The Sun and Mars were just into Cancer, the sign of his Saturn. His accident was on June 26th.
Our Florida boys were last seen before a fishing trip at 1:30 pm on the 24th of July. Very soon after the Moon in Scorpio was rising and moving toward a late Saturn in Scorpio. Mars is in Cancer moving toward a square with Uranus. This does not look good. The Moon does trine Neptune and Mars, so we are hoping.

As to our writers, one of our members did a beautiful presentation on the life and chart of Patricia Cronwell. She has Mercury and the Sun in Gemini. Mercury is sextile Uranus, square Jupiter and Pluto in Leo, oppose Saturn in Scorpio, and square Mars in Pisces. This sounds like a writer of crime stories to me.

Another member aquainted us with the life of J. K.Rowling. Rowling of Harry Potter fame is loved by the young and is a Leo. She has Venus, Uranus, Pluto, the Moon, and maybe Mercury in Virgo. Most of these oppose Saturn in Pisces. So here is our magical protagonist, Harry, at Hogwarts magical school (Virgo) in the sights of a magical bad guy, Saturn. Neptune in Scorpio disposes Saturn and also connects by aspect to the entire structure. Mercury is in late Leo or very early Virgo. Either way it disposes of all of her Virgo bodies and of Jupiter in Gemini. Rowling made it big when Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune were passing through her solar 7th Aquarius, opposing her Sun.

E.L. James of 50 Shades of Gray writes Erotica and she has an opposition of Venus and Mars. Her Venus is in Aquarius and her Mars is in Leo. The Moon is also in Leo. Her hero is very rich, dominating, and flashy and the female is intellectual. There is plenty of bondage in the Gray series and the author has the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces. A Mercury check shows that it is in Aquarius with Saturn, and oppose Uranus.

Steven King has violent Mars very close to the Ascendant. Someone or something is always trying to kill you in his books. His Mercury is very close to Neptune. His books are full of the supernatural, which is usually trying to kill you. His Pluto and Saturn are two scary guys and together, sextile his Mercury and Neptune and trine his Sag Moon. His Moon is in a wide opposition with Uranus. Some of his short stories cannot be read after dark! When he started to make it Saturn was in his wholesign first. When he was hit by a van and seriously injured, Mercury was near his Mars and Ascendant and Mars was squaring them from Libra.
All of the writers are rich and some of our members noted that they have a prominent Pluto. Cronwell’s is heavily aspected and with Jupiter; King’s is within 15 degrees of his Ascendant; James’s is oppose her Sun; Rowling’s is with Uranus and the Moon, oppose Saturn, and square Jupiter.

Next month we are looking at really really rich guys. So far I’m looking at Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Trump, and Steven King.

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