march newsletter, march ’16

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, March ’16

For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R, Guild Astrology study group meets on March 22nd at the library in Cocoa, 308 Forrest Ave. at 6pm. We will tie up loose ends and catch up with topical events. Please bring any chart of interest and your own chart.
Last month we looked at exemplary people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa etc. See my S.T.A.R. Guild Report for Feb. ’16 on my site to see each chart with analysis. All 7 of our exemplary people had a trine to at least one luminary showing harmony at a deep level. Billy Graham has the Sun with Venus trine Jupiter and Moon with Mars trine Saturn. The Daili Lama has a grand trine involving Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn and the Moon is sextile to the Sun and to Jupiter. Pope Francis has Venus and the Moon trine Mars. Mother Teresa had the Sun trine Saturn. Martin Luther King had the Moon with Venus trine Pluto. Gandhi had the Moon in a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune. And Nelson Mandela had the Sun trine the Moon. Maybe we can associate this harmony with goodness.

I had a wild idea about doing charts for UFO sightings. Let’s start collecting data.

Some events in Feb. are worthy of mention. Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice died under Saturn in Sagittarius squaring his birth chart Sun and Saturn in Pisces.

Jupiter is squaring Saturn and this could be part of the recent bad weather along the east coast. Also this is the reluctance of Apple to cooperate with the DOJ to get into the phone of the San Bernardino terrorist. In other words, justice, Jupiter is being blocked, Saturn.

In March, Jupiter will continue to square Saturn. Expect more bad weather. And expect justice to be in the news. Business planets in a square suggest business news. This square will continue through June. I would encourage business people to be sound in their dealings. This square is perfect on the day of a Lunar Eclipse at the 4th degree of Libra on the 23rd. That’s like a little slap from the cosmos. The Moon is in Libra on the 23rd, the 24th, and until mid-afternoon on the 25th. Libra is about relationships and equity.

Eclipses require us to be a bit careful. They can be life altering. I suggest doing something wonderful to improve one’s life. A Solar Eclipse happens on the 8th of March at the 19th degree of Pisces. We extend the influence of these events beyond the date. The Moon is in Pisces from mid-afternoon on the 7th to mid-afternoon on the 9th. And they are thought to work even beyond that. Pisces is about our inner lives.

And there is more. Mars will join Saturn in Sagittarius. These are the challenging planets and we should be very sensible under this. At worst they are trouble and loss. At best they are courage and living up to high standards.
It is interesting that Trump has taken command of the news. Transiting Saturn is on his Moon and opposing his Sun. The last time Saturn was on his Sag Moon he published “The Art of the Deal” and the last time Saturn was on his Sun he took over his father’s business. These were not bad events. What will happen when Mars joins Saturn in his Moon sign? Will this harm him or further energize him? I am guessing the latter.

Something that is good and happening early and late this year and next year is a trine between Saturn and Uranus. This is like progress in science. And that is great.

Students ask me what books to read to learn Astrology. I have a piece on learning Astrology on my site. I also want to recommend Donna Cunningham’s book “An Astrological Guide To Self-Awareness”. Textbooks are also important. These focus on the parts of Astrology and their relationships. Astrology is about planets in signs and in houses aspecting other planets in signs and in houses. It is obvious that we need to know the planets, the signs, the houses, and the aspects. One could start with Isabel Hickey’s “Astrology a Cosmic Science”. You can probably find anything at the AFA site on line.

I want to thank all who saw me at the New Vision Spiritualist Center Psychic Fair in Orlando. I will be doing Astrology mini readings at the Book and Bead Psychic Fair in Merritt Island on the 20th of March.

I’ll be doing a class on “Staying Young” at Aquarium Dreams on April 23rd at 1 pm.

You may like my influence of the Moon post on Facebook and my Sun Sign column on my site.

Call me if you need me. My computer and I are ready for you.


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