S.T.A.R. Guild Report Jan. ’16

S.T.A.R. Guild Report Jan. ’16

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At our January meeting we looked at the top 4 candidates for president. Trump was born under a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, with the Moon sextile and the Sun conjunct Uranus conjunct north node trine Jupiter. He has Mars and Regulus near his Ascendant. He is lucky, successful, energetic, and brash.

Hillary has a group of planets in Leo square a group of planets in Scorpio. Strong signs are in conflict and her Moon in Pisces is in a conflicted square Uranus. We have 2 different times for her. In one, the Moon is trine Jupiter and at the top of the chart bringing wide fame.

Bernie has the Moon with Mars in Aries oppose Venus, Mercury trine Saturn and Uranus, and a Virgo Sun square Jupiter. The Sun square Jupiter is about trying to manage wealth. Energy and intelligence are also displayed in him. His Venus in Libra makes him personable.

Ted Cruz has the Moon with Uranus in Libra square Mercury in Capricorn, which is trine Saturn in Taurus. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter oppose Saturn and sextile Mercury. His Sun squares Pluto. Mercury in tradition loving, conservative Capricorn is central in his chart.

Of the candidates, Trump has the best Sun. The Sun is the manager and executive. But Hilary has the transiting Moon in her Moon sign on election night, and in her 10th in one of her charts, which is telling. All of these candidates are affected by eclipses, which bring life altering events, but Hilary has them affecting her Moon.

I like to give special attention to Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars in seeing how they are affecting the candidates. The fact that these 4 candidates are doing well, shows that these planets in there current positions are helping them now.

Saturn will stay in Sagittarius through the election and up to Jan. ’18.

Jupiter went into Virgo in Aug. ’15 and will go to Libra in early Sept ’16.

Mars is in Scorpio in Jan., Feb., June, and July. It is in Sagittarius in March, April, May, August, and September.

Saturn seems to be affecting Trump’s chart the most. It is with his Moon and opposing his Sun. This spot in his chart makes good aspects to other planets. And a trine from transiting Uranus to this spot adds some harmony.

Saturn trines Hilary’s difficult Leo planets and squares her Moon. So this is a mixed effect.

Saturn is having little effect in Cruz’s chart.

In Bernie’s, the effect is mixed by Saturn squaring his Sun, opposing his Jupiter, and trining his Moon and Mars and sextile Venus.

Jupiter in Libra will conjunct Trump’s Jupiter, makes good aspects to Sun, Moon, and Mars, and squares his three planets in Cancer.

For Hilary, Jupiter will sextile her Leo planets.

For Cruz, Jupiter will conjunct his Moon and Uranus and square his Mercury.

For Bernie, Jupiter will conjunct his Venus, oppose his Moon and Mars, and trine his Jupiter.

The polls show the effect of Mars in Scorpio now. When it goes to Sagittarius it will join Saturn and make the aspects mentioned above under Saturn.

Trump seems to have the best and strongest effect on his chart from Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars.

But we must remember that in the pm chart for Hilary, the Moon in Pisces on election night is on her Moon in the elevated 10th house. The morning chart does not communicate this.

All these candidates have eclipses affecting them this year. Hilary has two on her Moon. In the pm chart for her this would show a life altering event concerning social position. Bernie has one on his Sun, Cruz has one on his Moon. And Trump has one in his 7th opposing his Mars and Ascendant.

Finally, it is important to note how the candidates’ planets connect with the U.S. Chart.

Bernie’s Jupiter is in our 1st house using the Gemini rising chart. His Sun squares our Gemini planets. His Libra planets are near our Saturn.

Cruz’s Uranus and Moon are near our Saturn. His Capricorn Sun and Mercury oppose our Cancer planets.

Hillary’s Leo/Scorpio square oppose and square our Aquarius Moon. Her Pisces Moon is in our whole sign 10th. (This is important.) She has already been the First Lady and Secretary of State. Will she be the first woman president?

Trump’s Sun oppose Moon cuts across our Ascendant/Descendant. He has three planets in Cancer with our 4 planets in Cancer. His Jupiter is on our Saturn. Aquarius in is his 7th, such that the U.S. Moon is in his 7th. This means that the people come to him.

Conclusion. All of this shows what we already know. Trump or Hillary could become president. For Hillary, it is the eclipses on her Moon, the Moon in her Moon sign on election night, and her Moon in the 10th house of the whole sign chart of the U.S. For Trump, it is the other transits, the connections his chart makes to the U.S. chart, and the strength and harmony of his birth chart.

Next month we will look at the charts of some really wonderful people: Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Nelson Mandella, Martin Luther King, etc.

Special note. Astrologer, Courtney Roberts came to our S.T.A.R. Guild meeting in January. Next January 20th to 22nd, an astrology conference is going to be held in Cocoa Beach. This is the Kepler Conference focusing on astrology’s good performance found in research. Contact me if you want to be involved. I plan to participate. Look for Courtney on facebook and twitter to see details.


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