S.T.A.R. Guild Report May “16

S.T.A.R. Guild Astrology Study Group Report May 24th ’16

nev lights sighting           chart 804 depart

At this meeting we made a start at looking at the Astrology of UFOs. Like Mass, we started with a confession. More than half of our members, well known to us, or a trusted family member of this group had seen something unexplainable.
Next we noted that the planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and possibly the 12 house were of special interest to us.

Then we went to the chart of nuclear physicist and UFO expert, Stanton Friedman. He has a Pisces Moon opposing Neptune, Uranus square the Leo Sun, and Pluto near Mercury. Saturn near the Aquarius Descendant brings science to him. He has 4 planets in the wholesign 12th.

We looked at 10 sighting charts. Charts were selected in this way. We took all of the charts with a time and location from Carl Jung’s book, “Flying Sauces”. At the astrodatabank site we took charts from the first column where witnesses seemed reliable or were numerous. I stopped when my printer ran out of ink.
I am defining the prominence of a planet in our selected charts as being near the Ascendant, Descendant, M.C., or in hard aspect to Sun or Moon. 9 of the 10 showed Uranus to be prominent. 8 of the 10 showed Neptune prominent. 3 of the 10 showed Pluto to be prominent.

We looked at 5 charts on the famous ’97 Phoenix Lights sightings. We used sightings with a time and location that we found online. In the Phoenix Lights charts, we saw Pluto prominent and a different set of aspects for Neptune and Uranus. Here is how it looked. Libra was rising and the M.C. was in Cancer for all these charts. The Moon was in Gemini in an out of sign grand trine with Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Capricorn. Neptune was in conjunction with Uranus in Aquarius and Jupiter was in conjunction with Uranus. Venus, the Sun, and Mercury were in Pisces. Many became believers that day. The objects blocked out lights and mountains and showed that they were tangible. The then governor, Symington, a pilot, noted that the sightings were not planes or flares as the government had cited. I want to believe.

Of course we looked at flight 804. In the departure chart Mars and Saturn are in the rising sign and before the Ascendant. The Libra M.C. is connecting with the Uranus Pluto square and the Libra Moon is later than the M.C. and past the square. This suggest that something bad happened before the departure. In the crash chart, the Capricorn M.C. and the Aries Ascendant are closely approaching Pluto and Uranus. We also know that Jupiter square Saturn is not good for travel. And the mutable Neptune connection interjects mystery.
Next month we will look at vocational Astrology. And, try reading Cunningham’s, “An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness”. We will eventually discuss this at a future meeting. I’ll be doing mini readings in Orlando on June 11th and on July 17th at Book & Bead in Merritt Island. And I’ll be talking to the Spiritualist Church in Melbourne on July 24th. Thank you to all who saw me at Book & Bead on May 8th.

P. S. Some in the Guild will be helping with hospitality at the Kepler Conference on research in Cocoa Beach on Jan. 20, 21, and 22 ’17


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