12 Sign Series, Gemini


The Signs and Accomplished People, 12 Part Series – Gemini

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Gemini, the 3rd sign of the circle of animals, is a mutable or changeable air sign. The changing quality of air is cited as the logic for describing Gemini as being in a state of change and restlessness, and in motion. The sign is also one of the two human signs and also called bi-corporeal or two bodied. This shows the sign to be intelligent, refined and complex. Unity and one pointedness are not the issue. Duality and duplicity are. We wake and we sleep; we have a conscious and a subconscious, we have a bright side and a shadow; and even our brains are in twain.

Mercury rules this sign and Mercury, the mythological messenger of the gods, is about thought, talk, and travel. And this is what Gemini is about. Homer says that Mercury was born at dawn, invented the lyre by noon, and was stealing Apollo’s cattle by evening. This is the Homeric way of saying, “precocious”.

The constellation picturing Gemini is the twins. Here’s our duality; one is dressed in skins and the other holds and instrument. They are two and they are different. Incidentally if you leave twins on their own they will invent their own language that psychologists call twin talk. All pairings would be classified under Gemini. (Astrology is a classification system in which we place all of the things of existence under a planet or a sign.) Brothers and sisters are placed in the class Gemini.

Gemini is the last of the spring signs and still shows the youth that springs signs show. The body parts ruled by Gemini are the lungs, shoulders, arms, and hands. Mercury rules the nervous system, senses, and the brain. What a brainiac this guy is. The key phrase for Gemini is “I Think”.

The image that I give my students to represent this sign is of a guy on a commuter train working on his laptop, with his cell nearby and noticing any spots of interest passing by out the window. The dynamic of Gemini is perceiving, processing the perception, and then communicating. For someone to be happy who has something important in Gemini, they have to do this dynamic in a positive way. They need to be positive in thought and a good communicator. Mythological stories related to Gemini are: stories about Mercury, Peter Pan, Romulus and Remus, Castor and Pollux, Jacob and Esau, and any famous pairing.

Here is Gemini’s gift. Geminis hate being bored, so they pursue interests; and when they share these with us, they make our lives more interesting; thank you Gemini.

Gemini’s opposite sign is Sagittarius. Gemini rules the arms and Sag the legs. (Look for these signs to be active in the charts of athletes.) Gemini rules perception, facts, science, and the news pages of the paper. Sag rules conclusions, judgments, faith, religion, and opinion. Those with both signs active need to honor and balance both, not choose one over the other.


Here are some things that other astrologers say about Gemini.



Kathleen Burt describes Gemini as light, breezy, cheerful, glib, playful, and like Mercury. She says that Mercury is a perpetual adolescent and Gemini is flexible towards life’s changing circumstances. Other Gemini qualities are: curiosity, adaptability, humor, low vitality, frail body, weak libido, boredom, and amorality. Gemini wants freedom from the mundane, has a hard time being in the moment, and needs a broader view, like it’s opposite sign, Sagittarius.

Mercury and Gemini are too restless to be with kids all day. In mythology, Mercury loved his son Pan but gave him to Dionysus.


Matthews in his “Ascending Sign” says that Gemini can do anything if he sticks with it.


Buddha says, “ all that we are is the result of thought; it is founded on our thought; it is made up of our thought. (Thought is Gemini and Mercury.)


Max Heindel says that Gemini is morally flexible, needs physical exercise and breathing exercises. He says that the Moon in Gemini represents wide awake intelligence and is able to cope with emergencies.


In the New Testament in John Chapters 20 and 21, we hear about doubting Thomas Didymus. (Didymus means twin.) In the story he doubts that Jesus has made an appearance after death. He says that he’ll believe it when he sees it. Later Thomas sees him and Jesus says that those who believe without seeing are blessed. Sagittarius, the opposite sign is faith and Gemini is naturally doubt.


Allen Oken describes Gemini as an imitative monkey, an inventive genius, and a comic with foreign accents. He paints him with darting bright eyes eager for experience. He’s also coy, evasive, mischievous. He likes to wear badges, accessories, and pins; and likes to explore new roads and rivers. He looks at all aspects of something and wants proof not faith. Oken says that Gemini needs to be the conductor and in control of all of his talents (instruments).

On the positive side, Oken lists: lighthearted, cheerful, intelligent, versatile, adaptable, sensitive to others, clear, objective, and precise. On the negative side: silly, naive, dissipating through lack of purpose, nervous, excitable, cold, aloof, and indiscriminate.

Oken adds that Gemini needs freedom even in marriage.


Evangeline Adams describes Gemini as wandering air and scattered and lacking heart. She says that Gemini is annoyed by animal love. She notes that love identifies man with beasts and with God. (Sometimes I growl and other times I’m callin on Jesus.)


Martha Pottenger teaches us that Gemini needs to shine in these areas: being versatile, having a variety of talents, and having social contacts and hobbies. They tend to be vulnerable in worrying about threir skills.


Margaret Hone says that Gemini fidgets. Moore and Douglas in “Astrology, the Divine Science” state that Gemini is light on his feet, sheds light, and is touched lightly by the problems of life.


Here are charts of famous people who display Gemini qualities.


Amelia Earhart. Amelia had the Moon, Pluto, Venus, and Neptune in Gemini in the 2nd house of the horoscope. Four “planets” in air is a nice correspondence for a famous aviator. The Moon there shows a natural tendency toward flying. Venus is her 1st house ruler since she is Taurus rising and this shows her personally involved in flying. Neptune is one of the planets associated with flight and Pluto in Gemini suggests death from flying. So her mind, the Moon, and her person, Venus, were strongly associated with flight by this grouping of planets in Gemini. The 8th house of the horoscope is the house associated with death and the 2nd house, the house opposite the 8th, was called by the ancient Greeks, the gate of death. Her gate of death was Gemini, flight. Incidentally her conjunction of Mars and Jupiter combinded action with optimism to produce adventurousness and confidence.


William Butler Yeats. The famous English writer Yeats had Mecury, the Sun, and Uranus in Gemini. His Sun near Uranus and his Moon in Aquarius, the sign of Uranus gave him an interest in studying the occult. He was a member of the Golden Dawn and has left us an essay on this. Incidentally, the Golden Dawn, the Theosophical Society, and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor (Church of Light) were related in the late 1800’s. Incidentally, he is Capricorn rising and its ruler, Saturn, (him) is elevated in the chart.


George Carlin. Carlin was a very famous, brilliant, wordy comedian. He has the Moon in Gemini and the Sun next to Gemini’s planet, Mercury, and Mercury next to the brillilant planet Uranus. He’s famous for the 7 words that can’t be said on television or in this article. I do know them and I’m saying them now to the dog. His Sun, ruler of the entertaining sign, Leo, is elevated adding to his fame. The sign Sagittarius is asssociated with faith, so it is natural for Gemini to be asociated with doubt. I found Carlin to be cynical and funny.


John F. Kennedy had his Sun and 1st house ruler, Venus, in Gemini and in the 9th house, the house of public speaking. He was noted for his intelligence, his speeches, his desire to know everything about a situation, and his need to know what his advisors thought. He also loved a bit of gossip. (See Laurence Leamer’s “The Kennedy Men”.) According to Leamer, people described him as having a special light about him. This is the Sun in the same sign with Venus, him. He had stylish and graceful Libra rising. His Moon was in Virgo in the secretive and restrictive 12th house squaring or interfering with Venus, him. This can explain his sickness, his secretive activities with women, and the importance of and possible interference from the CIA. Most importantly the square between planets in Gemini and the Moon in Virgo show the disconnect between the ideas in his speeches (Gemini) and their practical application (Virgo). His fame is shown by Saturn and Pluto in the wholesign 10th and Neptune near the midheaven, MC. Both he and his father Joseph had Jupiter near Mars. They were optimistic about the future and commenced to build it. Finally, Kennedy had important brothers and sisters and they were important to him. Brothers and sisters are clasified under Gemini.


Marilyn Monroe. We can’t mention Jack without mentioning Marilyn. She had the Sun and Mercury in Gemini. Since she is entertaining Leo rising, the Sun is her. Her Sun, which represents her and her body is near Jack’s Venus which represents him and his body. Incidentally, She had destructive Mars and unpredictable Uranus in the self-undoing sign, Pisces and in the 8th house of death. And she had a “T” square between the Moon with opportunity laden Jupiter in the 7th house of contacts, Saturn in the 4th, showing a deficient home life, and Neptune in the 1st, defining her as a fantasy. She was a goddess.


Bob Dylan. He is a master of lyrics, a poet, the “voice of the 60’s”, and a writer of 237 songs in 3 years. He had Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in Gemini in the 7th house of contacts. Saturn, the Moon, Uranus, and Jupiter in Venus’s sign,Taurus, mark him as an artist. My favorite Dylan line is, “That lazy neon slut has charmed my brain away.”

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