Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers.      chart joan rivers

Joan Rivers was called the funniest woman on the planet. Two planets are associated with humor, Venus and Jupiter. Venus is right next to Mercury in her birth chart. Mercury represents the conscious mind. Thought, writing, and communication come under Mercury. Jupiter was right next to her Mars. Mars represents her because she is Aries rising, so Jupiter was with her.
While having a minor surgery on Aug. 28th, her heart stopped. Saturn was very close to Mars, her, in the sky. And they were in her 8th house, the part of the sky that we associate with death. We’ve seen all kinds of discordant events during the time that Mars has been near Saturn. I’ll cite trouble in the Ukraine, Irag, our border, Ebola, and Ferguson. The untimely losses of Joan and Robin Williams can be added to the trouble shown by the closeness of these two planets.
Mars is associated with trouble and energy. With Mars as her planetary “ruler”, we note her amazing energy. Williams had Mars and Pluto as personal rulers due to his having Scorpio rising. Rivers also had a very close, energetic, tense T square involving the Sun in Gemini, the Moon in Sag, and Mars and Jupiter in Virgo. These are intellectual signs and Gemini and Sag are communication signs. T squares are associated with talent and energy and also trouble.
The association of Mars and Pluto will end in mid-September.

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