July ’23 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, July ’23

STAR Guild met on the 27th and we continue to learn to understand astrology as a filter for events and personalities. Mars and Venus brought us plenty of events this month.

Next month we will meet on July 25th at 6 pm on skype.

June’s events are worth noting.

June 2 – Moon Scorpio, two trains collide in Balasore, India around 7 pm. 280 people died. The Sun, in travel sign, Gemini, was square Saturn; the Ascendant in travel sign, Sagittarius was square Neptune; the Moon was in death sign, Scorpio oppose Mercury and Uranus; and it was trine Neptune and Venus in the 8th house; and Mars was square Jupiter. There are travel signs or travel planets in each of these and there was a square of opposition in each astrological statement.

June 5 – Moon Capricorn, a whistle blower stated that we have alien spaceships. Mercury was very near sci fi planet Uranus.

June 6 – Moon Capricorn, the Kakhova damn was exploded. The Moon was at the top of the chart, suggesting that a look upstream would give a view of water. Mercury was still with unpredictable Uranus.

June 7 – Moon Aquarius, fires from Canada that started in April, sent smoke into cities in the northeast in the US. Fiery Mars continues in fire sign Leo.

June 8 – Moon in Aquarius, Trump was indicted with the Moon in his 7th house, a legal house.

June 9 – Moon Pisces, 4 children were found alive after surviving in the jungle for 40 days. Good Jupiter was sextile Saturn, planet of loss.

June 12 – Moon Aries, a boat carrying wedding attendants home sank in Nigera near Abuja and killed 103. The Sun was square sea god, Neptune, love planet, Venus was with destructive Mars. Devastating Pluto was at the top of the chart.

June 13 – Moon Taurus, Trump was arraigned with the Moon in his 10th house, the reputation house.

June 14 – Moon Taurus, a boat overcrowded with immigrants off Greece sank with 700 aboard. 79 were killed, 104 were recovered, and the rest are missing.

Mercury and the Sun were in Gemini square Saturn, and square Neptune respectively in Pisces.

June 15 – Moon Gemini, 38 kids were killed at a school in Kasese Uganda. Mercury and the Moon were in school sign, Gemini square Saturn, which was near the Ascendant. And Venus was with Mars.

June 18 – Moon Cancer, the Titan sub was launched to explore the Titanic. It imploded. The Ascendant was in water sign, Cancer and opposed drastic Pluto. The Moon and Sun squared Neptune.

June 20 – Moon Cancer, 41 women were killed in a gang riot at a women’s prison in Tamara, Honduras. Female Venus was with violent Mars in the 1st house. The first house represents the people involved in the event. The Sun was square Neptune. The Moon was opposed to Pluto.

There have been a number of whistle blowers talking about the sins of the current administration. Planets in Taurus and in Leo are opposing and squaring Biden’s 4 Scorpio planets.

Prijozhin lead a quick coup against Putin and stopped. This is probably Venus with Mars. Mars is tough but Venus is not.

Tornadoes have been tormenting the south and central part of the US. Mars in Leo is a hot air mass that is one of the factors.

Venus and Mars are together from week 2 of June to week 2 of July. Many innocent people, Venus have met their fate, Mars.

In July, we have more Mars and Venus together for a while, Mars until the 10th and Venus all month. So, they are together until the 10th.

Mercury around the 10th and the Sun in week 3 will oppose Pluto which brings extremes.

Venus will square Uranus for most of the month, showing the unpredictable coming to innocents.

Mercury in week 4 squares Uranus and may bring interesting news.

Saturn and Mars square from mid -month. This causes trouble.

Mercury squares Jupiter in week 3, showing important judgments.

Mars leaves hot sign Leo on the 10th which is probably good but Mars is still hot and it squares cold Saturn; so this can be storms.

Fairly good days in July are 1, 7, 11, 14, 15, 23, 27, 30, and 31.

Full Moon on the 2nd and 3rd in Capricorn shows the completion of goals.

New Moon in Cancer on the 16th and 17th is a new start in home, family, country, and feeling matters.

My article, “Evidence and Synchronicity in Astrology” will be in the July edition of the American Federation of Astrologers Journal. It is also on my site.

I’m thinking that AI will prove astrology due to the ability of AI to hold a tremendous amount of data, like, the position of the planets over a long period of time, many charts of people, their events as they relate to their charts, many charts of events, and many events from history.

I was going to make this short, but the planets would not let me.

Email me if you need me.

Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77


Hermetician Church of Light ’93


Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90