June ’17 S.T.A.R. Guild Meeting Reort

June ’17 S.T.A.R. Guild Report

We had a small number of members in attendance at our meeting. One was up north. Another was in Asia. And another was in absentia due to surgery. The group took up various topics including the total solar eclipse in Leo on Aug 21st.
We will revisit this next month on July 25th. The path of the eclipse is in the pocket astrologer. We can note its effects on the President, the country, the stock market, ourselves and anyone else of interest. Let’s bring in any stock market charts that we have. And let’s compare this to the lunar eclipse in Leo that already took place on Feb. 10th.

In the future some of the topics that we’ll look at are Mercury, Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn moving into Capricorn as Uranus moves into Taurus, the developing Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and astrocartography.
With the laptop we can look at how our charts change at any location. Let’s prepare for this by thinking about where we have lived and what our lives were like there. Then we can see how the “mundane map” supports that. If you have astrocartography on your computer, please start studying it.

In terms of events, you probably already know that when Steve Scalise was shot, the Sun was opposing Saturn and Mars was on the Ascendant.



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