S.T.A.R. Guild Report Nov ’13

S.T.A.R. Guild Study Group Report Nov. ’13


We never got to our famous pilgrims program because we were finishing up the supernatural symbols in Astrology. We will address the pilgrims in Jan. This gives us more time to gather data for a time frame which is difficult because it goes back so far. Dikki Jo has furnished Cotton Mather’s data and history and that will go nicely. I have the moment the pilgrims on the Mayflower first saw the new world.


In Dec. we will have our CHRISTMAS PARTY on Friday, the 13th. We were going for a Taurus Moon and Friday was the only day without objections. My house, email me for details. Please bring a gift under $10 and a small dish to share. Please bring something to drink only if you have unusual taste. We will also celebrate Carol’s 90th birthday. She has requested no gifts.


In terms of our recent gathering, Jennie shared Manley P. Hall’s Astrological Keywords in reference to the spirtual keywords of the 12 Signs and of the planets, and the planets in occult philosophy.


We then made a list of symbols of the supernatural in any horoscope and volunteered what they define. This is very limited.


Pluto the underworld, the unseen, the collective unconscious, astral travel

Uranus the etheric energy used in manifestations, ex. table tipping, hypnosis

Neptune psychism, hypnosis

Moon the sub sconscious, feeling , intuition

Cancer sensitivity, feeling, intuition

Scorpio deep feelings

Pisces the unseen, supernatural entities who are not human, collective unconscious

12th house “

8th house supernatural entities who were human, the influence of the dead


I presented a sketch of the doctrine of signatures. This adds insight into the identity and purpose/motive of the individual.

Character of Genius – this is shown by the planet ruling the sun sign and defines the planetary family. Use only the original 7 and don’t forget the archangel of the family.

State of Life – the element of the Sun’s sign: Fire, enthusiasm; Air, intellect; water, emotion; and earth, practicality. Degree emanation divides the signs into suceeding groups of 4. the first 4 are self motivated. The 2nd 4 are influenced by others. And the last 4 act according to what is received by others. So Sun in Aries would be in the Mars family, Samuel’s, enthusiastic, and self directed. Pisces is in Jupiter’s family, Zachariel’s, emothional, and directed by others.

Until next month. Leslie

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