May ’17 S.T.A.R. Guild Report

May 23rd ’17, S.T.A.R. Guild Meeting Report

The meeting gave rise to interesting discussions about Mars and Saturn in our charts, the President’s chart and that of the U.S. chart. A look was taken at Saturn and Uranus changing sign in ’18 and the eventual conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. (see my Trump file on my site to see Trump’s Mars transits.)

One of our members power washed her porch with Mars on her Sun. Another had major surgery with Mars opposing and Saturn conjuncting her Jupiter in the 8th. She is Venus ruled and the current long term Venus return defines the time frame of the awareness of the problem and its correction for her.

Next month, we will address topical concerns in us and in the world in a free form way. So start thinking about what you want to look at and explore.

I’ve published for the third time in the American Federation of Astrologers Journal. The piece was on Spacex events; namely, the blow up on the pad last year and the first two attempt and launch series this year.

Feel free to make suggestions for next month and I’ll email before the next meeting, June 27th, with details etc. &

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