Moon Passages

 The Moon sign changes every 2.5 days. Our horoscope describes who we are, but the temporary positions of Sun, Moon and planets also describe us temporarily. It is especially nice to know the situation of the Moon because it urges us on. I recommend gems that correspond to Signs that will harmonize with the Moon. This is an old idea. The notion is that everything is associated with a planet or a sign; Uranus represents astrology, Mars represents soldiers, Jupiter represents luck, etc. I use many reference sources for this. For gems  I use the Church of Light list. Alan Leo agrees with most of this. He was Theosophical Society. Incidentally, in the late 1800′s people in the Golden Dawn, the Theosophical Society, and the Church of Light knew each other.

Astrology. Influence for 24 & 25. Moon in expansive Aquarius with Pluto, trine Jupiter, square Mars & Uranus. Focus is on futuristic discovery. Let’s respect people but also respect sound finances. Wear beryl.

Astrology. Influence for later 21, 22 & 23. Full Moon in elevated Capricorn oppose Sun, Venus & Mercury; trine Mars & Uranus; sextile Saturn & Neptune. Generally, goals go well if we can address emotional issues. Wear agate.

Astrology. Influence for pm 19, 20 & much of 21. Moon in adventurous Sagittarius sextile Pluto, oppose Jupiter, square Saturn & Neptune. We want to get moving; let’s be clear & stay encouraged. Wear amethyst.

Astrology. Influence for 17, 18 & am 19. Moon in intense Scorpio trine Venus, Saturn & Neptune; square Pluto; oppose Uranus. We are attuned. Let’s deal with force well & be ready for surprises. Wear peridot.

Astrology. Influence for later 14, 15 & 16. Moon in lovely Libra trine Pluto, Jupiter, Sun & Mercury. A grand trine in air signs brings us art, beauty, love and splendid interactions. Wear diamond, take actions, and be out there.


Astrology. Influence for 12, 13 & much of 14. Moon in noble Virgo trine Mars & Uranus; square Jupiter, Mercury, Sun & Venus; oppose Saturn & Neptune. The Moon makes mixed contacts with almost all planets, bringing activity, benefits, & interference. Wear agate & speak well.

Astrology. Influence for later 9, 10 & 11. Moon in dignified Leo oppose Pluto, square Mars & Uranus, & sextile Jupiter, Mercury, Sun & Venus. Some help is about, but we should project good to counter troublesome Mars/Pluto energy. Wear beryl. Newsletter

Astrology. Influence for 7, 8, & much of 9. Moon in motherly Cancer trine Saturn & Neptune, & sextile Uranus. The planets help us take care of things. Wear emerald. Sun Signs & Newsletter

Astrology. Influence for 5, 6, & early am 7. New Moon in dual Gemini trine Pluto, with Jupiter, Mercury, Sun & Venus, sextile Mars, square Saturn & Neptune. We are dynamic, interested and interacting with many; let’s stay encouraged & focused. Wear sapphire. Sun Signs & Newsletter

Astrology. Influence for 3 & 4. Moon in natural Taurus square Pluto, sextile Saturn & Neptune, with Uranus. The calm of Taurus predominates, although we begin with a bit of tension and end with a surprise. Wear peridot. Newsletter & Sun Signs

Astrology. Influence for 1 & 2. Moon in young Aries sextile Jupiter, Pluto, Venus & Sun; with Mars. We are enthusiastic, active, & a bit lucky. Wear beryl. Sun Sign & Newsletter

Astrology. Influence for late 29, 30 & 31. Moon in imaginative Pisces square Jupiter, Venus & Sun; sextile Uranus & Mercury; with Saturn & Neptune. We have many facets. We will do better if we seek happy feelings and thought, stay encouraged, & stay focused. Wear agate.

Astrology. Influence for later 27, 28, & most of 29. Moon in futuristic Aquarius with Pluto, trine Jupiter, Venus, & Sun; sextile Mars, square Mercury & Uranus. Life is interesting & social. Let’s take care with communications & money. Wear beryl.

STAR Guild


Astrology. Influence for pm 25, 26, & much of 27. Moon in uplooking Capricorn trine Mercury & Uranus, square Mars, sextile Saturn & Neptune. If we can stay polite & calm, plans go well. Wear agate. STAR Guild

Astrology. Influence for 23, 24, & am 25. Full Moon in upbeat Sagittarius sextile Pluto, oppose Sun, square Saturn & Neptune, trine Mars. Focus is on seeking. Let’s speak well & stay encouraged & clear. Enjoy the light & wear amethyst. Star Guild

Astrology. Influence for later 20, 21, & 22. Moon in intense Scorpio square Pluto; oppose Mercury, Uranus, Venus & Jupiter; trine Saturn & Neptune. After a tense start, insight helps decide whether to change or maintain. Wear peridot. STAR Guild

Astrology. Influence for 18, 19, & much of 20. Moon in artistic Libra trine Pluto, oppose Mars. We want to relate & compose. We have force & drive, but let’s deal with tension. Wear sapphire.

Astrology. Influence for later 15, 16, & 17. Moon in pure Virgo trine Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Sun & Jupiter; oppose Saturn & Neptune. Noble projects go well if we can stay focused & stay encouraged. Wear agate.

Astrology. Influence for 13, 14, & much of 15. Moon in powerful Leo oppose Pluto, trine Mars, square Venus, Uranus, Sun & Jupiter. Our will is strong, but let’s consider practical issues. Wear amethyst.

Astrology. Influence for 11 & 12. Moon in nurturing Cancer square Mars & Mercury; sextile Venus, Sun, Uranus & Jupiter; trine Saturn & Neptune. Caring projects are helped by calm & good communication. Sunday looks good. Wear agate.
















































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