Events of 2019

2019 Astrological Year End Report

From ’10 to ‘ 18 Uranus was in Aries. Uranus is progressive and Aries is active.

And we saw progressive activism. During this time Uranus squared Pluto in conservative Capricorn. This brought political extremes and set up the conflict between Democrats and Republicans. Also as a major long lasting aspect it showed up in every chart for any beginning during that time. For example, it was in every erected weather chart and we saw weather extremes. This aspect ended when Uranus went into Taurus in mid-May ’18. But it backed into Aries again from Nov. ’18 to March ’19. The day it went back into Aries was election day ’18. The Democrats took back the house and this event was the cause of many events that followed, like various investigations of the President and the impeachment. By March ’19 when Uranus went back into calmer Taurus, another major aspect, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn was already in effect since late ’17. This planetary relationship is also extreme. Saturn is a fine planet representing goals and discipline and ambition. But it is also about fear and loss. Pluto near it adds an extreme adjective. We have continued to see extreme events and extreme weather. And we might say that events caused by unhappiness are at least partially attributed to this planetary combo. Also, it is in conservative territory, Capricorn, and the Republicans have been in power although not totally.

Barr’s appointment and confirmation is another event that lead to many more, especially concerning investigations and their conclusions. The day he was approved, Feb. 14th, the Moon was in Gemini, the President’s Sun sign.

Brexit is another political event shown by Pluto and Saturn in traditional Capricorn.

And the various demonstrations around the world, Iraq, Iran, Hong Kong could, in part, be attributed to the conjunction. Also the Hong Kong chart has the Moon in Taurus. And the demonstrations started after this as early as March ’19 when rebellious Uranus went into Taurus.

People with planets in Capricorn are having big events. Prince Andrew has Venus, Mars, and Saturn in Capricorn and his reputation, which is a Capricorn area is on the line.

Rush Limbaugh has noted that he has stage 4 lung cancer. His Sun, representing life, is in Capricorn.

A number of shooting events happened.

The Poway Synagogue shooting on April 27th happened with the Capricorn planets in the 7th house, a prominent place, and violent Mars was in Gemini opposing Jupiter in shooting sign, Sagittarius.

The Gilroy shooting on July 28th happened with the Moon in Gemini opposing Jupiter in shooting sign, Sagittarius. And the Sun was square Uranus.

The El Paso shooting on Aug. 3rd happened with the Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces and square Jupiter in shooting sign Sagittarius.

The Dayton, Ohio shooting on Aug. 4 happened with the Ascendant in a close square with violent Mars. And Jupiter was in shooting sign, Sagittarius square Neptune.

The Pensacola terrorist shooting on Dec. 6th happened with the Sun in shooting sign, Sagittarius in the prominent 1st house.

On Dec 10th people were shot and killed in a Jewish shop in New Jersey. A full moon was developing in Gemini and opposing Mercury and the Sun in shooting sign, Sagittarius.

The White Settlement, Texas church shooting on Dec. 29th had the Moon moving to a square with Mars.

Other violent events were the March 23rd Mali attack. The Moon was in death sign, Scorpio opposing Mars, and Venus was squaring Mars. 134 people were killed.

A series of bombings happened in Sri Lanka on April 21st. 253 people were killed. The Sun was with explosive Uranus. Mars was in the 1st house square Neptune and oppose Jupiter.

The Kabul wedding on Aug. 17th bombing happened with the Ascendant in Taurus squaring Venus and Mars. Venus represents weddings. 80 people were killed.

A train derailment in the Congo killed 50 people on Sept 12th. The Jupiter Mars square was perfect that day. This aspect was still close when 48 people were killed in an attack in Afghanistan on Sept. 17th.

On Oct. 18th an attack on an Afghan mosque killed 62. Mars was squaring Saturn. This aspect was still in effect when 39 bodies are found dead in a truck used to smuggle them on Oct. 23rd. On the 27th the square was perfect and we find out that El Bagdadi was killed.

On the 28th of Dec. 78 people are killed in a bombing in Somalia. The Moon was squaring explosive Uranus and moving to a square with Mars.

Some weather events warrant mention.

A tornado in Beauregard, Ala. on March 3rd happened with Pluto and Saturn in the 7th showing extreme loss coming to them. Unexpected Uranus was squaring the ascendant from the 10th. And Mars was in a strong square with the Moon ruler of the 1st.

On May 3rd it was noted that 1000 people had died of Ebola. A Gemini Mars was coming out of a square with Neptune and very close to an opposition with Jupiter.

Floods in the Midwest and China in early and mid June had Mars in water sign Cancer. The flood death toll in India around Aug 10th came as Mercury left water sign, Cancer.

An arson attack on July 18th at an animation studio in Japan killed 33. The Moon was opposing Mars and this happened 2 days after a lunar eclipse.

In August the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in early and mid month spent time in fire sign, Leo and this may have influenced the Amazon fires.

Dorian made landfall at Marsh Harbor with the Sun, Mars, and Venus in the 10th squaring weather planet, Jupiter in the 1st. And the Moon was square Saturn.

California fires in late Oct. were happening with Mars squaring Saturn and Pluto.

Flooding in Venice happened around the Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th of Nov.

Fires in Australia which started in September were particularly bad in Dec. with Mars in death sign, Scorpio where it is particularly strong.

Other fire events happened.

Note Dame caught fire and burned with Mars in the 10th house square Neptune and oppose Jupiter on Apr. 14th. The Sun was a bit past the square of Saturn and Pluto. The Mars/Jupiter opposition is totally appropriate. Jupiter is the religion planet. It is at its best in Sagittarius. And Mars is fire; so, a classic church burned.

An electrical factory in New Delhi burned and killed 43 on Dec. 8th. The Moon was past the Saturn Pluto square and Mars was right on the Ascendant.

The Ethiopian Boeing plane crash happened on March 10th. The very late Aries Moon was with Uranus and the Midheaven was between Saturn and Pluto. Venus was square Mars.

The Ridgecrest earthquakes happened on the 4th and 5th of July. On the 4th the Moon was in Leo past Mars and Mercury and square Uranus. The Sun was oppose Saturn and Pluto. The Virgo Ascendant squared Jupiter and opposed Neptune.

On the 5th the Ascendant both opposed the Sun and was between Saturn and Pluto. Mercury and Mars squared Uranus.

On the lighter side, we saw our first picture of a black hole on Apr. 10th under a scientific Gemini Moon. And on Sept. 20th the Navy told us that the UFO films that we had seen, were real, under a scientific Gemini Moon.

In 2020 Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are in Capricorn, so we can expect politics.

Neptune continues in Pisces from ’12 to ’25. Neptune is at home in Pisces and they are about the same things. Neptune is about altered states whether through eastern practices or through drugs. Drug use has been a big problem and it should continue. And I wonder about the wisdom of legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Saturn goes into Aquarius in 2021. Saturn was in Aquarius in the early 90’s and in the early 60’s. We will get an early hint of what this means when Saturn goes into this sign in April. May, and June of 2020.

Another interesting planetary feature of 2020 is Mars going into Aries in July and staying until ‘Jan. 21. This will affect us all but in different ways and at different levels. For example, it is on Prince Andrew’s Midheaven. This shows trouble for his reputation. Also, Bernie Sanders is Scorpio rising. This means that Mars is his personal planet. And his Mars is in Aries next to his Moon, which is why he is so energetic. So, Mars in the sky will be on his Moon and Mars in Aries. He will be very busy. Could he be the candidate?

Finally, Venus will be in Gemini in April, May, June, and July. This will affect us all in various ways and at different levels. This could be nice; Venus is a pleasant planet.

I use whole sign houses and fairly wide orbs.

Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77

Hermetician Church of Light ’93

Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90