S.T.A.R. Guild July 22 ’14 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Report, July 22nd ’14 Meeting

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Our own Judy Kendall gave a talk on her impressions of Robert Monroe, his Monroe Institute, and what she learned at three seminars at the Institute. I showed charts on him and two of his out of the body experiences (OOBE’s).

Robert Monroe is famous for his OOBE’s, which started in 1958. Many of us have read his “Journey’s Out of the Body” which details these experiences. He took notes on these events and frequently cites dates and times. When we find out where he lived during these events, we’ll have a wealth of astrological data on very unusual events.

Monroe was a sound engineer and in radio and television. His events started after some sound experiments directed to brain activity and learning. ( 7/31/14 Further study shows a better way to describe preceding events. He was trying to learn in a hypnotic state, induced by audio tapes.) In these OOBE events he would reach a certain state of “vibration” in his body and then his astral or second body would separate and go places. These places might be on this plane, or in the astral at a variety of levels, or at even harder to define places, maybe parallel universes. Two other books follow this first which I have yet to read.

Seminars at various levels are given at the Institute which focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and healing; numerous states of consciousness; and to a lesser degree OOBE’s. This is all stimulated by an audio-guidance system. The topics are reminiscent of things studied and taught by the Church of Light, the Theosophical Society, the Golden Dawn, Tibetan monks and others. Monroe is a youngster by comparison but his talent is immense and his experiences amazing. And he left us his notes! Bless you, Robert!

We got his chart data from his step-daughter. She notes that it may have been rectified. If correct he has Mercury near a Libra Ascendant, with Venus in Scorpio in the 2nd. This already explains his being in communications and in otherworldly things. He has a late Cancer Moon that is 5 degrees from Neptune. Remember Edgar Caycee had his Moon near Neptune and the chart for the beginning of Spiritualism also has this. His early Scorpio Sun squares Neptune and Mars in Leo and Uranus in Aquarius. There it is, Moon near Neptune and Sun aspecting Neptune and Uranus. He was able to generate the electromagnetic energies, Uranus, to send him out into the astral, Neptune. Incidentally his Pluto trines his Sun.

The two OOBE charts were selected for a time, date, and place being given. In both he is in the astral visiting friends on this plane. He is invisible. One friend speaks to him but the friend later does not remember this. In both experiences Monroe confirms with his friends after the experience what he saw and what they were actually doing and this matches. Neptune was in Scorpio from about ’56 to ’71, so in both charts Neptune is approaching his Sun and squaring his natal Neptune. Uranus was opposing his Uranus in both charts. One of our members wanted to see Mercury in these mind blowing events. In one chart it is in his MC sign and conjunct Venus, Pluto and square Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio. In the other Mercury opposes his rising sign, trines Jupiter in Sag and squares Saturn. Next month we’ll do eclipses, please note important life events. Leslie www.lesliemarlar.com www.churchoflight.org www.monroeinstitute.org


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