April ’20 Newsletter

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From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, April ’20

For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild will meet at the Cocoa library, if it is open, at 308 Forrest Ave. at 6 pm in room 3 on April 28. If it is closed, we’ll do a group skype call as we did on March 24th.

We had a splendid meeting of those who could get their technology together. We talked about the virus and spirituality in our charts.

Here is my piece on the virus.

March 20th 2020

In Astrology, we are always comparing planetary events in the sky with events on earth. As we experience the coronavirus on earth, we look to the sky to see the event there that is causing it. A huge event has been happening. Four planets are in the sign, Capricorn, the sign of business and government. A lineup of planets in one sign is always important. These are visible in the early morning around 6 am. When viewed, we see Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Pluto can’t be seen but we know that it is there. Watching these planets move together should be events within the life of the virus. Mars is coming to Jupiter around March 20 and Mars is coming to invisible Pluto around March 23. Mars is coming to Saturn around March 31 with both in Aquarius. Mars is important because it is one of the planets that we associate with anything invasive. We can also call the virus, Pluto. Jupiter is coming to Pluto in late March and early April. All these planetary events represent virus events. By mid April the main planetary events seem to be over. Events can outlast their beginnings but it is encouraging that these major planetary events will be over soon.

If we look to the beginning of the virus, we see Saturn and Pluto coming together on Jan. 12th. Saturn is associated with loss and Pluto is extreme. So the translation is extreme loss. I’ve heard Nov. 17th noted as the beginning of the virus in China. At that time, Saturn was 5 degrees from Pluto. That is close enough for a beginning of an event.

A bit more detail is necessary. When Mars comes to Jupiter, the virus expands but also meets therapeutics. When it comes to Pluto, it becomes more extreme. Saturn and Mars going to Aquarius and away from the Capricorn planets also shows a shift in the virus. Jupiter coming to Pluto also expands the virus but brings therapeutics to it. Jupiter expands, but also brings help.

Leslie Marlar


As to spirituality, Most of our group looked to the planet Neptune to show spirituality. Some of us added Jupiter, Sagittarius, and the 9th house as seeking the divine. Neptune was strong in the group and Jupiter also in some. (If someone is not into the supernatural or does not believe in the divine, spirituality may have a more humanistic definition for them. )

The coronavirus has dominated the news and the planets in Capricorn, and now some in early Aquarius, are dominating the sky. That’s a match.

Please go out around 5:30 to 6 am, look to the southeast and see these planets. As of March 27th we see Jupiter, then Mars, and then Saturn. Mars will overtake Saturn on the 31st. Despite what they are “causing”, they are beautiful to see.

In early April, the conjunctions between these planets will be over.

Mercury with Neptune in Pisces around the 4th, brings an awareness of a mystery. It also changes sign and goes into Aries on 4/11 after being in Pisces since early February. This planet changing sign, changes our focus from Piscean restrictions to Aries activities.

Mars squaring Uranus in week 1 of April, especially the 7th, brings trouble with people and money.

Jupiter near Pluto for most of the month brings help to extreme situations.

Venus goes into Gemini on the 3rd and stays until August. This affects us mentally, financially, and socially. It squares Neptune during much of this time and we need to maintain our grounding. But it can also be imaginative and creative.

At our meeting on April 28th, we will update coronavirus events to see if the planets are working as we think. And we will note the effects of Venus in Gemini in our charts. Also we will revisit the Moon’s nodes in our charts.

Email me if you need me. To meet digitally with S.T.A.R. Guild on the 28th, message me on skype before then at leslie marlar.

Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77


Hermetician Church of Light ’93


Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90