Nov. ’20 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, Nov ’20

S.T.A.R. Guild astrology study group will meet on Tuesday, Nov. 24th at 6 pm on a group skype call. To join in if you are new to the group, connect with me on skype at leslie marlar, well before the meeting. We will see charts of people and events in the news. And we will focus on the meaning of Jupiter and Saturn moving into Aquarius, the sign of the Moon in the U.S. chart. In Oct. we did not meet due to a member’s family situation. We will probably have a mid-Nov astrology/happy hour session.

This past month many events happened.

On Oct 2, Pres. Trump was flown to Walter Reed with covid. The Moon was near Mars and there was a full moon the day before. He came back to the White House on the 5th with the Moon in Taurus, the highpoint in his chart.

On Wednesday, the 7th with the moon in Gemini, a sign important in both of their charts, Pence and Harris debated.

Covid cases are up this month which is probably the Sun in Libra connecting with the square between Mars and Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn.

With Mercury closely opposing Uranus on the 19th, it was announced that Egypt found 80 ancient coffins south of Cairo.

On the 21st with the Moon in lofty Capricorn with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in the evening Colo. time; a probe sampled soil from an asteroid to be studied on earth.

On the 22nd under the same Moon, Remdisivir was approved for use.

On the 23rd under a global sign, Aquarian Moon, Sudan recognized Israel.

On the 26th under a nicely connected Pisces Moon, Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court. Also under this water sign, it was announced that more water was discovered on the moon.

During parts of November, Mercury and Venus in Libra will join the Mars square to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, so, hold onto your hats.

At times, the Sun or Mercury, or Venus will oppose Uranus and bring surprises.

Fairly good days this month are: 1, 2, 3, 10, 14, 22, 23, 24, & 28.

You may want to see my website and my facebook Moon pieces.

Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77

Hermetician Church of Light ’93

Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90