Church of Light

The Church of Light has been around in a particular form since the late 1800’s. At that time, some members in the group were also in the Golden Dawn & the Theosophical Society. These groups, that still exist, are metaphysical schools. Generally they deal with the Supernatural. The Church, which used to be called the Brotherhood of Light divides their studies into 3 groups, Astrology, Alchemy, and Magic. This is some pretty interesting.

They were started by masons and welcome women. I am one of those women.

The heart of the organization is the 22 lessons on metaphysics. Note that there are 22 major Arcanum in the Tarot and 22 course books. The ultimate book in the series is Book 6, the Tarot book. It is a treatise on magic. We can define magic simply as interacting with the Supernatural. Sometimes we receive from it, as in psychic experiences. And at other times we act and produce in it.

We can define the Supernatural as the unseen reality. This includes entities, astrological vibrations, thoughts, and feelings to name a few things. I am happy to say that the Church is a very positive influence and promotes goodness to all in all ways.

So if you want to adventure in fascinating areas, get book 6 and check them out at