The Astrology of Spiritualism


The Astrology of Spiritualism

6/27/14 by Leslie Marlar

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I recently did a talk on the Astrology of Spiritualism at the Spiritualist Church in Melbourne, Fl. We can look at anything and see the sky that corresponds to it in time.

Sir author Conan Doyle wrote a book on the History of Spiritualism and events cited there were the basis for my research. I will present the chart of the beginning of Spiritualism, the chart of a table tipping, the chart of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the chart of the Psychical Research Society.


Spiritualists consider the rappings heard in the house of the Fox family in Hydesville New York as the beginning of Spiritualism. Rappings had been heard in this house and the word had gotten out to the neighbors. On March 31, 1848 they continued to be especially noticeable and Kate asked the presumed entity to repeat her raps as a communication experiment. It did and we have a time for this event. The girls, Kate and Margaret went off to a neighbor and the neighbors came in to ask questions of the entity. That was the start of this new movement that lead to many séances, the discovery by people of the existence of those with mediumistic skills, and eventually to the beginning of a new religion .

When we look at the chart, we note that Neptune, the planet of psychism, had just gone into Pisces, its own sign. This makes the planet strong enough to produce unusual events. Neptune had been discovered for the first time a couple of years before and this represented something new coming into the world. In the chart, Neptune is very close to the Moon in Pisces. This pinpoints the day of this event. (the Moon is in Pisces for 2.5 days each month.) And Venus, the planet representing the rising sign in this chart, Libra, was also near Neptune. This brings the timing down to the hour. (Each sign rises for about 2 hours each day.) So just as we would think, the planet of psychic phenomena is big at the time of the beginning of spiritualism.

In this chart there are two additional planets in Pisces, Neptune’s sign, which is associated with supernatural things. Two other planets, Pluto and Uranus, that are associated with beyond physical things are in an important and strong part of the chart, the 7th house. This part of the chart is the western horizon and like the eastern horizon represents things like the planets there coming into the world. Jupiter, the planet of religion was at the top of the chart. This placement shows things coming to us from above. It is interesting to note that psychic, Edgar Caycee has many planets in Pisces. If the time of his birth that we are using is correct, he also has the Moon with Neptune and Uranus is near the eastern horizon.

Doyle gives us the time, date, and place of the surprising, spontaneous motions of a huge mahogany table that was experienced by Serjeant Cox and Stainton Moses. First let’s note that Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th house are associated with supernatural things. And Pluto, Scorpio, and the 8th house are also. The last group are especially associated with death, those who have passed, and their influence on us. In the table motion chart, Scorpio is rising and the point of the Ascendant is opposing Pluto. This is how the chart refers to a force from the other side. Also Neptune is in a very close opposition with the muscle planet Mars. Here’s another statement for supernatural force.

The Psychical Research Society came into being to study psychic matters. They took a painfully analytical look at Spiritualism. In this group there were respected individuals and scientists. Doyle was one of them. Some of these researchers became believers based on the evidence they saw. I have no time for the chart of the Psychical Research Society, so we do not know the rising sign. The chart sports 5 planets in practical, evidence demanding earth signs, including the 3 associated with beyond physical phenomena: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


Doyle has 4 planets in the writing sign, Gemini in his rising sign. How elementary. Neptune is at the top of his chart squaring Mars, the Ascendant, and Jupiter in the first. He looked up to psychism and wrote about it.


Here is the message that I had for the Spiritualist Church from the Sky. Neptune has returned to Pisces for the first time since the beginning of the movement. Neptune is strong again. It seems time to make special effort to pursue psychism and Spiritualism for additional learning and promotion sake. Neptune takes about 165 years to go through all of the signs and it stays for a while in a sign. It is in Pisces from spring ’12 to ’25. We have some time. Learning from the start of Spiritualism chart and the table motion chart, I am suggesting that séances and other events be held when the Moon is in Pisces with Neptune. Cancer Rising at the time would place the first house ruler, the Moon with Neptune. At other times of year when other planets are in Pisces the sign they rule could be rising. This comes from what we learned in the Spiritualism chart. When this is not possible Scorpio rising or a planet in it ruling the rising sign could produce effects based on the table tipping chart. We may find other charts of events that we could mimic.

Something comes to mind that is currently increasing the belief in life after death outside of Spiritualism. And Neptune in Pisces could be behind this also. It is the recent spate of books on Near Death Experiences.


P.s. We have a séance planned. I’ll let you know what happens.

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