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Astrology can look at anything. I love watching launches and launch attempts. When a Spacex or other launch is attempted, I set up the chart. If it does not go, I set up the chart of the next attempt. I keep doing this until the launch succeeds. I end up with a series of no gos and a final go. Theoretically, the no gos should show planets in discordant relationships and the gos should show planets in harmonious relationships. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years with a colleague. I call her space cadet one and she calls me space cadet 2. She’s number one because she worked in the space program. On the other hand, I have friends currently working launches. Here are some recent launches.

At Vandenberg a Spacex launch attempt took place on Jan 9th, 2017. Saturn at the top of the chart was squaring Mars and the Ascendant. These are difficult planets in a discordant relationship and in important places in the chart, called angles. The Moon was moving toward connecting with this in a discordant way, namely, opposing Saturn and squaring Mars. The Sun was connecting with a very discordant T square involving Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. The launch did not go.
On Jan. 14th, 2017 another attempt took place. Saturn still squared Mars and the Ascendant. The Sun had moved a bit past the T square, and most importantly, the Moon in Leo was forming a harmonious grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. And it was making no difficult aspects. The launch succeeded. One could see what had changed in the sky between these two attempts and the change was an improvement.

On Feb. 18th, ’17 a Spacex launch attempt happened in Fla. The Moon was void in very late Scorpio which means making no connections, aspects, before leaving the sign that it was in. It was moving toward squaring the Sun after changing sign which does not promote success. The Midheaven, the highpoint in the chart was connecting with the T square. The sign Taurus was rising in the east, so, Venus “ruled” the moment. Venus was moving toward Mars which was connecting with the T square. So that’s a not good, not good, not good and it was a no go.
The next day on the 19th, an attempt was made at an earlier time. Aries was rising as opposed to Taurus. Mars, the ruler of Aries, was still moving toward the T square and the Ascendant, rising point, was past it. The high point was still connecting with the T square. The Moon was in a strong square with veiling Neptune and it was cloudy. But the Moon in fire sign, Sagittarius was moving toward a conjunction with Saturn who was trining planets in Aries. Trines are great and we had a success. We heard the sonic boom 10 minutes after launch and thought something had exploded, but it was the 1st stage successfully landing back at the Cape.
So we have two sets of data that each show a no go and a go. The sky showed improvement for the successful launch over the first attempt.

A look at a recent catastrophe shows a corresponding catastrophic sky. On Sept. 1 2016 during a static fire test on the pad, the Spacex rocket blew up. The Sun and the Moon were together and both opposed Neptune, who rules chemicals and confusion. And all of these were squaring destructive Saturn and destructive Mars. This is a very discordant T square.

More later.

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