Trump and Macron and Bannon

Trump and Macron      e. macron       chart trump

chart steve bannon

You may have noticed that Presidents Trump and Macron get along. This became evident at the G20 meeting and Trump’s visit to the ’17 Bastille Day celebration at the invitation of Macron.

Naturally we wan t to see why they get along. So we look at their charts.

Macron’s Moon is in Taurus, the sign of Trump’s Midheaven. Macron may be receptive to Trump’s status.

Like Trump, Macron has Mars in Leo, so there is a part of their psyches that is similar territory.

Macron’s very early Virgo Saturn is very close to Trump’s very late Leo Ascendant. This can make them both more security and tradition oriented. And Trump could be Dad.

Macron has 4 bodies in Sagittarius. Neptune at 16, Venus at 21, the Sun at 29, and Mercury almost at 30. Trump’s Moon is at 21. This is the connection and Macron’s Venus is the closest to Trump’s Moon. So this combo promotes in order: imagination/ideals, pleasantness, vitality, and communication. As my Calc 3 prof used to say, “It’s clear and natural.”

We can also see strong connections with Steve Bannon.  Bannon has a Sagittarius Sun which connects with Trump’s Moon.  This shows them sharing territory, coming from the same place psychically, and Bannon gives Trump confidence.  Bannon’s Jupiter is on Trump’s Gemini Sun. This brings good to both of them. And finally, Bannon’s Moon is near Trump’s Ascendant whether his Moon  is in late Leo or early Virgo. We have no time on Bannon. This connection makes both sensitive to each other. And Bannon can read Trump.

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