Star Guild Report Feb ’16

S.T.A.R. Guild Report, Feb. ’16 Meeting

We had our meeting at the Cocoa library and looked at the charts of some very exemplary figures. We used the AV system and projected our charts on to a large screen. With the AV equipment, we were like early man with a can opener but we figured it out.

Note. Time dependent placements in charts have not been emphasized in charts of uncertain birth time.

chart billy graham

Chart 1 was preacher Billy Graham. He has a natural chart and Mars and the Moon in Sagittarius in the 9th house of religion trine Saturn. One of our members noted his extensive writing and publishing business. His Scorpio Mercury squares Saturn and Uranus. He probably has the entire Bible in his head. His Sun and Venus in Scorpio are trine Jupiter and Pluto. If we can define goodness, it could be the Sagittarius and this trine.

chart dalai lama

The Dalai Lama has the Sun in Cancer in a grand trine with Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Pisces. His Virgo Moon is sextile the Sun and Jupiter. He seems loved by so many. His Sun is square Mars in Libra. He is probably not too fond of the Chinese army. One of our members noted that his Ascendant is at 22 Gemini with Mercury and trine Mars. His MC is in early Pisces.

pope francis

Pope Francis is another very popular figure. The world seems to love him. He is Cancer rising with the Moon near Venus in Aquarius trine Mars. He has the Sun in Sagittarius near Jupiter and is head of a religion. His Sun squares Neptune and Saturn and he is for those who are disenfranchised and in need. His Jupiter is trine Uranus conjunct the MC. He surprises us all with his take on Catholic theology.

chart mother teresa

Mother Teresa has the Sun in Virgo approaching Mars and trine Saturn. This looks like someone who engages in practical spirituality, taking care of those in need.
She also has Jupiter square Neptune and Uranus. This may represent the mystical experience that brought her to her vocation. Her Venus in Leo is square Saturn; this is her celibacy.

chart mlk

Martin Luther King was a minister and a leader in the civil rights movement. He has the Sun in Capricorn in the religious 9th house, Saturn in the religious sign, Sagittarius, and Jupiter, planet of religion in his rising sign, Taurus. He has a grand trine with Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn. His Pisces Moon is square Mars and Saturn, which is his awareness of a serious problem. His Moon with Venus and trine Pluto along with the grand trine is part of his goodness. Jupiter, the 9th, and Sagittarius are associated with dreams and visions. His famous speech can be associated with the Sun in the 9th, Jupiter in his first in Taurus in a grand trine, and Mercury in Aquarius in the 10th. His non-violent approach could be shown by Venus square Mars. And this square could be his assassination shown by the tension between the 1st and 7th house rulers.

chart gandhi

Mohandas Gandhi has the Moon in Leo in a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune. The same Leo Moon is in a T square with Venus, Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter. So he got involved in a problem for the people and succeeded in it. His Sun in Libra builds bridges. His non-violent approach could be shown by Venus conjunct Mars and Sun in Libra.

chart nelson mandela

Nelson Mandela went from political prisoner to political leader. He has the Moon in Scorpio in the 12th, house of prisons, trine the Sun in Cancer. Pluto in Cancer with Jupiter continues the theme of good coming out of an extreme situation. The Moon in a T square with Mercury and Uranus is his awareness of the problem and intelligence. His non-violent approach could be shown by Venus trine Mars in Libra.

It is interesting that the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and Nelson Mandela all have Mars in Libra. Does this make them against violence?

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