April Newsletter


From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, April ’14


For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild will meet on the 4th Tuesday of April, the 22nd, at the main library in Cocoa, Fl at 308 Forrest Ave. at 6pm. We will be looking at the intentionally relocated solar return chart. The idea is to experience one’s solar return at a location that will produce a harmonious chart and as a result, a good year. Some of our members will be going to a lecture on this and then presenting to us what they learn. We were supposed to do medical astrology in March and this was bumped by popular demand to see charts related to the missing plane. If April’s program falls through, we’ll do medical astrology. Some day we’ll do pilgrims and asteroids that were scheduled earlier and bumped for something topical. Staying up with the latest is part of the fun.


In reference to the plane, you can see the departure chart, a horary chart asking about location, and the pilot’s chart on my site. Look on the front page and also under star guild march report. While there, you may want to read selections from my 12 part sign series. You can read about your Sun sign, Moon sign, and your rising sign. This should tell you a lot about yourself.

I’ve talked endlessly about the cardinal grand cross featuring Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto. This is particularly strong in April. It is tense, active, and conflicted. To make some headway under it, we should be on our best behavior; we do have choices. Taking the planets in the order given; we need to expect and plan for the unexpected, be good judges, manage stress and conflict, and take action before things get out of hand.


A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will stimulate this on the 13th, 14th, and morning of the 15th. We should be sensible, relax, and slow down. A New Moon Solar Eclipse happens on the afternoon of the 28th, the 29th, and much of the 30th. This energy is good for making a new start in reference to money, security, and enjoying and appreciating life. We should be a bit careful here too.


Call or email me if you need me for a variety of services.

My next psychic fair is on May 11th at Book and Bead in Merritt Island at 11am.


I hope all of you are enjoying spring and also Happy Easter on the 20th. I’m looking forward to earth day. That’s when my great crested flycatchers show up and nest in my bird house. This is good because it helps me get over the departure of my painted buntings.





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