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Thomas Edison; an Astrological Profile

by Leslie Marlar



When I look at Thomas Edison’s horoscope, I notice three areas of interest. After reading Neil Baldwin’s biography on Edison, these areas define him clearly. I have no problem seeing the man in the horoscope and the horoscope in the man.


These areas of interest are the Moon near Mars in the sign Capricorn; Mercury, the Sun, and Neptune near each other in the sign Aquarius; and Saturn near Venus in Virgo.


The strongest impression of Edison given in the book is that he lived in the world of thought and in the world of practical action. In his chart this is shown by the activity of the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune in theoretical airy Aquarius and the Moon and Mars in practical earthy Capricorn. The closeness of Mercury, the planet of cognition and Neptune, the planet of the imagination add to his theoretical nature. And Venus and Saturn in earth sign, Virgo place additional emphasis on his practical, hands on approach. Ideas came to him and then he went to his beloved shop to incarnate them. Henry Ford’s statement that Edison believed that all things were possible but still had his feet on the ground reflects Edison’s two approaches: the potent, imaginative, analytical bodies in Aquarius and the Moon with Mars in Capricorn and Venus with Saturn in Virgo. President Coolidge said of Edison that he had the blending of the imagination of a dreamer and the practical driving force of the doer. This is an excellent description of the qualities of the Aquarian group and a veritable literal translation of the Moon and Mars in Capricorn.


Let’s look at the three areas and add a little more detail. The Mercury, Sun, Neptune conjunction in Aquarius is the correspondent of his global thinking and his possession of metaphysical books because Aquarius is said to “rule” global and metaphysical perspectives. And finally, let’s remember that Uranus, the planet associated with Aquarius corresponds to the world of electricity. Is the light bulb coming on yet?


We look to the conjunction of the Moon and Mars in Capricorn and see Edison’s competitive spirit, his entrepreneurial activities, and his concern with his historical legacy. Capricorns want honors. We can explain his mania for efficiency and his love of mining. Venus (love) with Saturn (mines and efficiency) describes this well.


Venus with Saturn in Virgo reflects qualities in his professional and personal lives. Virgo is the sign associated with work. Venus here shows love of work and Saturn shows responsibility in work and his puritanical work ethic. Edison’s hygienic axiom was little sleep, little food, and loose clothes. Saturn near Venus limits Venus’s tendencies to luxury and fashion. It can also wreck havoc with one’s personal life. Hard work can overshadow love and leisure. Loved ones can be neglected. This seems to be the case with Edison’s first wife and also their children after Edison’s second marriage. It appears that Edison’s first wife, Mary, needed an attentive husband. Edison’s work kept him away from her and this seems to have contributed to her early demise.


The Moon and Venus are the two celestial bodies that represent women and in his chart each one is near a malefic planet: Mars with the Moon and Saturn with Venus. This can certainly give trouble with females and one’s love life and personal life.


Final notes. It is a thrill to see strong correspondences between a person’s nature and life and their chart. Without this people like me have to look for another interest. I’ve mentioned no houses in this article due to a lack of confirmation of birth time. Also a square from Jupiter to Venus and Saturn adds to family problems. A square from Uranus to Mars adds to his mechanical ability. It is appropriate that we could talk about a stellar figure of the millennium and see his life and nature in essential astrological elements like conjunctions and planet sign placements.



Edison, Inventing the Century by Neil Baldwin – Hyperio







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