12 Part Sign Series, Scorpio

The Signs and Accomplished People, 12 Part Series, Scorpio.

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Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. It is classified as fixed water. As a water sign it pertains to emotion and as a fixed sign it shows the emotion to be enduring. We think of a long lasting love or hate. The phrase associated with Scorpio is “I Desire” and brings us back to the notion of passions. The season of Scorpio is Fall, in fact, the heart or center of Fall, and the leaves are falling. We watch the trees strip down to conserve energy for dreaded winter. Those leaves will become food for spring’s plants.

Scorpio’s symbol is the deadly middle eastern Scorpion. If it bites you, you die. Here we are looking at concepts like inevitability and death. But the fallen leaves tell us to expect regeneration. The body part associated with Scorpio is the genitals and those parts of the body that eliminate, like the nose, etc. Scorpio is about getting rid of things that we no longer need, like an old body to prepare for the next phase. Scorpios like Scorpions are expert at hiding and ready for battle. This can be motivation to fix problems. It can be a surgeon going in to get rid of a bad part. Scorpio things cause too much reaction and we must keep them covered. This is what underwear and burial is for.

Pluto, god of the underworld, is associated with Scorpio as well as Mars, god of war. Pluto is associated with hidden things and what lies beneath. In Greece, they stored there harvest below ground and Pluto became a symbol of wealth. Mars is full of trouble and has sent plenty of people to Pluto.

The image I give my students for Scorpio is any of the images of Halloween. Great Scorpio stories are near death experiences. ( Evidence for the Afterlife by Dr. Jeff Long) When the Old and New Testament mention the Bull, Lion, Eagle, and Man; they are talking about Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These “living creatures” surround the Throne of God and Evangeline Adams calls them the cherubic signs and they are strong signs. Please note that Scorpio as the eagle suggests loftiness. The dynamic of Scorpio is the motivating power of passion. And the gift of Scorpio is the ability to deal with things that send most of us screaming down the street. Of course I thinking of big hairy spiders.

Scorpio’s opposing sign is Taurus. Here we have spring vs. fall; beauty vs. decay; life vs. death. Let’s remember that the decay of fall makes the meadow beautiful in spring. When we bring houses into the picture we have two money houses corresponding to Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus is my money and Scorpio is yours. I call the Taurus Scorpio axis, the axis of envy.


Here’s what other astrologers say about Scorpio.

M. Schulman speaks of all the water signs as responding to the moods around them and as a result giving a rich life to the water sign person in the world of feeling. He says that Pluto represents the deepest mysteries of life and the raw unconscious. Scorpio is able to understand the unconscious.


A. Oken notes that Scorpio is about moving from death to immortality and that the lower self has to be redeemed by the higher. (There’s the message from the scorpion/eagle symbolism.) He cites the Phoenix as Scorpio and as symbol of the resurrection of the life force.


Joan Hodgson notes that Scorpio is a combination of psychic receptivity, emotional force, courage, fighting, and steadfast endurance; and this is all hidden under a cautious and controlled manner. The Scorpio soul has to control self, will, jealousy, desire, and creative or destructive fire.


Myrna Lothus contrasts the Scorpion’s cunning with the eagle’s majestic, powerful, above the world quality. Scorpio things are bathrooms, espionage, funerals, taxes, and laboratories. Scorpio people are: detectives, surgeons, morticians, and archaeologists. Negative Scorpio qualities are: sarcastic, resentful, stubborn, passive, and vindictive. Positive qualities are ambitious, efficient, courageous, resourceful, and intuitive.

She adds that negative people tend to bring out their negative qualities. And they want to know your plans but want to keep theirs quiet. She notes that Pluto things are the underworld, unions, taxes, insurance, volcanoes, earthquakes, and inheritance.


Marlar thinks that Scorpio is reactive because they are surrounded by extreme types. Both the Scorpion and the Eagle have been used to denote Scorpio. So Scorpios are surrounded by  potent Scorpions and high flying Eagles. This is quite a challenge.

Hickey notes that in relationships, the urge to dominate must be overcome.


K. Burt notes that Scorpio is OC because Scorpio is the haunting idea.


S. Omar says that a Scorpio Moon person has extreme habits with eating, drinking, and love.

Z. Dobbins shares that Mars in earth or water signs is restrained. And that Scorpio is about joint resources and pleasures. She adds that Scorpio needs to learn to give, receive, and share. An important goal for Scorpio is mastery over the appetites. And she suggests that learning to enjoy pleasures without becoming their slave is paramount.

Scorpios tend to select extremes, for example: indulgence vs. asceticism; dieting vs. overeating; smoking vs. wanting to stop; sex vs. celibacy; and spending vs. saving.


She goes on to note that Taurus is attached to form and Scorpio changes form. She cites Scorpio symbols as the snake, ibex, scorpion, eagle, and vulture.

Finally, here is a lists of Scorpio activities. Scorpio endures, feels, desires, loves, hates, gets even, transforms, renovates, renews, broods, motivates, has sex, dies, lends and borrows, stays quiet, keeps secrets, guards privacy, and strikes.


E. Bach says that Scorpio is the resources of the human psyche. And they are good at getting to the bottom of things.

Steven Arroyo notes that the Sun in Scorpio wants to transform the world. For the Moon in Scorpio, confidence is undermined by emotion. And Scorpio Rising feels others’ emotion. He thinks Scorpio represents the healing arts, psychotherapy, and the esoteric. Finally, he says that Scorpio has to face their desires and realize the inherent power in them.

Kustesky links sexual vigor, magnetic energies, and personal magnetism with Scorpio.


Moore and Douglas say that the Moon is not happy in the sign of elimination; but that it is happy in signs of growth, like the spring sign, Taurus.


C.E.O. Carter says that Scorpio has few flabby characters, but many heroes, many villains, and many temptations.

Alan Leo notes that Scorpio rising is bold and warlike. They are good at debate which is intelligent warfare.

( Here’s good news.) He says that Scorpio is the sign that produces eventual wealth.

J. Avery notes that Scorpios knock people over without realizing it. She also reminds us that Pluto is about survival issues.

Finally Evangeline Adams cites Mars ruled Scorpio as representing the veteran soldier and Aries the new.


Let’s see charts of famous people with Scorpio or Pluto prominent.


Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Kubler-Ross is known for her work on death and dying. She has the Sun and Moon in Cancer with Pluto between them. This is very striking to have the two most important things in the chart, Sun and Moon, near Pluto, lord of death. Her Saturn is in Scorpio, which is a serious enough combo to correspond to death. Incidentally Saturn is now in Scorpio ( Oct ’12 to Jan. ’15 )


Robert Kennedy had Mars, Saturn, and the Sun in Scorpio in the 7th house. He had the tough attack qualities associated with Scorpio when he dealt with the mob. Mars opposite the Ascendant is a very dangerous position, because similar to being with the Ascendant, it attracts violence to the person.


Hilary Clinton has the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Scorpio with Venus and Mercury squaring Mars, Pluto, and Saturn in Leo. Bill is a Leo and so is Obama and she has been wronged by both. (She was eclipsed by Obama in her campaign for the presidency and appears to have been thrown under the bus in the Benghazi situation.) She is strongly liked and disliked which is a Scorpio kind of thing.


Charles Manson has Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun in Scorpio in the 7th house. The early planets are engaged with the Moon and the Ascendant. The later planets square Saturn. I must add that Mars with Neptune makes his actions very strange.


Pornographer, Larry Flint has Mars and Venus, the sex planets, and the Sun in Scorpio, a sex sign, squaring Pluto, another sex planet. His Moon is in entertaining Leo.

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