S.T.A.R. Guild Feb ’18 Report

S.T. A.R. Guild Meeting Report Feb. ’18

chart nikolas cruz         chart parkland shooting

We met at the library in Cocoa and continued to look at ’18 changes in planetary positions and their effects on our members charts. It is so interesting to note where the planets passing through Capricorn are.

One member has them in the 12th; she needs to be conscious of restricting herself. Then she will have more choices. She recently had a fall and transiting Saturn is squaring her Libra Sun. Also, the fall and resulting injuries seem a sorrow for her.
Another has many birth planets in Capricorn in her 9th. She’s contemplating more school and we let her know how much time she has.
Two others have Capricorn at the top of the chart. This can bring many events if parents are still alive or one is in a business or has a career. But what if this is not the case. A long term, professional member made a very insightful suggestion. She noted that planets transiting the 10th can make you an authority in some area at that time. Another member noted that the MC is our fate, our destiny, and Rex Bills agrees. We can add to this that there is always someone above us who can affect us; so it is good to stay on good terms with them, especially if something difficult is passing over our chart top.
A member with Capricorn in the 4th and her Moon there in Placidus could expect events in the home and relating to heritage and we will expect a report. This falls in the wholesign 5th and this would be a lot more fun. She has many children and grandchildren.

Another with Capricorn in the 1st should expect new things and people in her life.

We are also noting Uranus going to Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio.

We took a look at Nikolas Cruz and noted that he has a Scorpio Moon. And we saw that he has Saturn in Taurus, Uranus in Aquarius, and Mars in Leo. The connection between his chart and the event chart seems to be the square between Jupiter in Scorpio and the Moon, Mercury, and the Sun. He has Capricorn in the solar house 4th and his life, as he knew it, is over.

We will continue to finish this look at our members and do follow up. And we will start a look at Mercury on March 27th at the next meeting. Other things that we are considering are progressions, chart patterns, open discussions, and surprise horaries.
I’ll be doing Astrology mini readings at Book & Bead on Sat, March 17th and I’ll be at the Spiritualist Church in Melbourne at 10 am on the 18th talking about the Astrology of 2018.


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