S.T.A.R. Guild March ’14 Meeting


S.T.A.R. Guild March 25th Meeting Report

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We had our March meeting with a lot of lively participation. We never got to medical astrology and instead talked about Fl MH 370. We studied the departure chart and my horary which asks where the plane is. Both are on my web site front page. There is a great deal of water and mystery in the departure chart. We eventually found ourselves talking about astral travel, the rapture, UFO’s, grays, Steven King, and middle earth. And all of this came up logically. We had a blast!

Key planets in the departure chart are in water and all involved in squares. My best guess is that the cause was nefarious, that it went down in water, and that wreckage will be found, Mercury in Aquarius in the 3rd trine Mars in Libra in the 11th. These things are complex and it is almost as though all of the therories that we are hearing on the news are shown in the chart. For example, Pluto is in the 2nd house; the plane’s holdings are extreme. Pluto is square Uranus in Aries; this brings in the possibility of an electrical fire. And Jupiter, ruler of the 1st in Cancer and in the 8th applies to both. So dangeous cargo is a factor.

What I would like is for the plane to be in a desert somewhere with all alive.

Another look at the horary, set up to answer the location question, has an interesting feature. The hidden 12th house of the departure chart is in the obvious 1st in the horary chart. This also suggests that wreckage will be found. Incidentally, if the plane is found in the southwest, the departure shows Jupiter, ruler of dthe 1st, in the southwest.


We found the pilot’s birth data online; there is no birth time. I’ve used solar houses. His Sun applies to a square with Neptune in the 4th. This is intriguing and it is about intrigue. It also shows a mysterious end for him. Neptune is in the 4th house in the departure chart of the plane. His Mercury in the 12th trines the Moon sextiles Mars, and opposes Saturn. Let’s call this a focus on secrets. His Moon is in Pisces in the 8th square Venus, trine Mercury, oppose Mars, and sextile Saturn. Let’s call this insight and more mystery. And the Moon in the 8th is a watery death. Let’s step back and see that the 12th house, the 12 sign, and the ruler of these, Neptune are easily highlighted, even with a quick look. And this can mean various things within a set of things. He could be involved in intrigue. Or he could have been forced into it. Or this may be his own secretive and strange psychology.

This news story and our analysis will continue.


Next month we will do a program on the intentionally relocated solar return. We have members going to a special talk on this and they will be presenting on what they learn. If for any reason this does not come about we’ll do medical astrology. Pilgrims and asteroids are still on our list. If either space men land or we experience the second coming of Jesus Christ, we’ll do those.


Let’s be aware of the eclipses coming up in April, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 Libra on the 15th. And there is the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 29th at 9 Taurus. Let’s be a little careful and find nice uses for this energy. Also, the grand cross is stronger in April.





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