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I’ve been in Astrology for 40 years. I’ve stayed in it because I’ve seen evidence for its veracity. The nuns taught me to be a critical thinker and I have a liberal arts degree, so I know stuff and can separate the believable from the bs. It bothers me that the academic community and the religious community are against or uninterested in Astrology. Astrology is objective and able to be tested but academia seems not to be interested. The Church used to understand it. Thomas Aquinas, in his 12th century Summa Theologica, agreed with its basic premise. He agreed with a Ptolemy quote where Ptolemy noted that when Mercury is in one of Saturn’s places the native is intelligent. The theory of Astrology is that there is a connection between what is happening in the sky and what is happening on earth. This is not the way moderns think, but let me tell you that it appears to be true. Here are some of the things I’ve seen.

A friend of mine looked at me and said in earnest, “If I die I don’t have a dress to be buried in.” She has Venus in Scorpio near the Ascendant. The Ascendant is an important point on the eastern horizon that personally describes the person. Venus there means that a person is like the goddess, Venus, a bit frufru at times. Beautifying and adorning the body is Venus. Scorpio is the Halloween sign. Death belongs in the set of things classified under Scorpio. We say that death is ruled by Scorpio. So her concern for not having a beautiful death shroud is understandable. (She did buy a beautiful dress and she did not die.)

I do Astrology mini readings at a psychic fair every couple of months. I am the astrologer among psychics. They have special gifts; I study and do astron logos, star logic. The other day Leo, then Virgo, and then Libra were rising while I was seeing people at the fair. Each sign takes about two hours to rise and the rising sign is something I always mention to the client because it is a personal description and important to know. On my computer, I have a screen on which to set up the chart of the interested party and I can switch to a screen that shows me where all the signs and planets are in real time. I noted that my first two people where Leo rising in their charts and that I saw them when Leo was rising in the sky. I overheard the psychic next to me asking her client for her Sun sign and it was Leo. This impressed me and I wanted to check this out during the day. My third person was Virgo rising and Leo was still rising. She did have a planet in Leo about 8 degrees above the Virgo Ascendant. My next person was Virgo rising in her chart and Virgo was rising in the sky. The next had Virgo rising in her chart and Libra was already rising. This is the exception of the day. ( But maybe not. She had Ceres at 0 Libra, 11 degrees below the Ascendant.) My last person has Leo rising and the Sun and the Moon in Libra. The Sun rules Leo so the Sun is her rising sign ruler, it was in Libra and Libra was rising in the sky. Most of these people of all different ages and born at varying times came to me when their rising sign or its representative was rising in the sky. I only noticed it because I was looking for it after my initial noticed correspondence. This is amazing and well beyond chance.

The recent tragic derailment of train 188 in Philadelphia on 5/12/15 at 9:28 pm shows excellent correspondence. Mars is in Gemini, a travel sign, and Saturn is in Sagittarius, the other travel sign. They are opposed. This is a tense relationship with each planet being in opposite parts of the sky. These signs are called mutable. The Moon is in mutable Pisces next to Neptune and Mercury is in Gemini. The Ascendant is in Sagittarius, not far from Saturn. The Midheaven is in mutable Virgo and Mercury is its ruler. We have huge activity in mutable signs. Planets in these signs at anytime will form tense relationships with each other, that can bring discordant events. Mars and Saturn are the difficult planets and they are in travel signs. Mercury as ruler of the Midheaven, the high point, represents the engineer. The Moon next to Neptune in Pisces is a strong statement for any of the following, sleep, drugs, alcohol, or distraction. Saturn rules loss, obstructions, and tardiness, Mars rules iron and speed. I set up the chart for the time of the accident to see if I could determine the cause, I could not. All I could see was all of the possibilities. I was so impressed with the fact that the trouble planets, the Moon, and the angles, including the Ascendant were mutable. We have trouble in the “air” brought down to the day and time.

On Sunday, May 17th ’15 around noon in Waco Texas at the Twin Peaks Restaurant there was a shootout between bikers and police. Since Sag is an armed centaur, Sag is bikers. Saturn is in the biker sign opposed by Mars in Gemini, another travel sign, and also an armed sign. This brings violence and loss to that group. The police are Mars and more. Since the name of the restaurant is Twin Peaks, it is ruled by Gemini because of the word, twin. In this case the angles and Moon are not mutable, but only Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury. These bodies are in the 5th, 11th, and 8th houses. The 5th rules entertainment, the 11th friends and clubs, and the 8th death. Bikers were at a restaurant to recruit new members. We need to be careful when Mars and Saturn engage.

When Saturn, planet of loss, was in my Moon sign, Scorpio, my poodle and my mother died. My mother had the Sun with Mars and square Saturn in her birth chart. On the day she died there was a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. The Moon was next to Saturn and the Sun was next to Mars. She died when Moon ruled Cancer was rising, tying the approaching eclipse into the moment. She was comatose for quite a while before her last breath. I think she held off to make the moment meaningful for me. That was very sweet of her.

Once when I was on a long stressful trip, I had a cracked nail and an irritated left eye. I confused the fingernail glue and the eye drops. This is as horrible as it sounds but my eye doc assures me that the actual glue is not chemically harmful to the eye. After the initial shock of the mistake, I did think to flush with water and hold my eye lids open. Of course there was an ambulance ride, an ophthalmologist visit in the morning, and extreme light sensitivity for a long time. It all worked out well eventually. In a women, the left eye is ruled by the Sun. At the time of this event, Mars and Uranus were passing through Pisces where my Sun is and Pisces was rising at the time of the accident. Now when Neptune was passing through Pisces and Mars in Virgo was opposing it, I again accidentally confused the nail glue and the eye drops. In my defense, may I say, these little bottles of nail glue look too much like little bottles of eye drops. My eye doc says she sees this at least once a year. My brother says, “look at it this way, you only put glue in your eyes once every 10 years”.

A client of mine was “dumped” by her boyfriend when Pluto was on her Venus and Saturn was opposing it. Another client had situational depression when Saturn was on her Venus and Pluto opposing it. Venus is her 1st house ruler, the planet in the chart that represents her.   Another person that I know experienced the ending of a long term marriage when Saturn was on her Venus. She saw her ex for the first time with another woman 15 years after this event, when Saturn was opposing her Venus. She was distressed for months.

Bill Clinton has Mars, Neptune, Venus and Jupiter in the relationship sign Libra and in the personal 1st house. It appears that he never met a relationship that he did not like.   Hillary has the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in intense and secretive Scorpio. Here’s the reason for the private server. She has difficult planets: Mars, Pluto and Saturn, in the power sign, Leo. Two Leos, Bill and Obama, have put her in and near power and they seem to have also worked her over quite well. Let’s note with respect that she seems driven to perform and succeed.

One of my charts has Sun in Capricorn oppose Moon in Cancer in the money houses, the 8th and the 2nd. She’s in finance. Another person with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo in the 8th and 2nd, has quite a bit of money.

The city of Satellite Beach has a Scorpio Moon. Our high school is on Scorpion Lane and our mascot goes by the name, Scorps. I have subbed there for years; I have a Scorpio Moon. The Moon in a person’s chart is about the mind but also the daily life.

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One of my friends bought a Saturn when Saturn was passing through his 1st house and his Sun sign. This is the eastern horizon. Planets here bring things to the person like themselves. I bought a Saturn during my Saturn return. He made an independent move. I was influenced by his good report on the brand of car.

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The U.S. Chart has either Gemini or Sagittarius on the Ascendant. Either way, these two opposite signs are our horizon. When the World Trade Center was destroyed, difficult Saturn was in Gemini and extreme Pluto was in Sagittarius. Rudy Giulliani has the Sun, Uranus, and Saturn in Gemini. The Moon was in Gemini on the day of the atack. And the ribbon cutting for the towers happened when Saturn was in Gemini. So the towers were having their Saturn return.

charts towers collapse

A friend in my circle is liked by all. She has the Moon, which is associated with temperament, next to nice Venus. Pope Frances is very well liked because of his sweet nature. He has the Moon next to Venus. Venus is also sugar and sweets.

pope francis

I know of a young woman who had surgery for lung cancer. Saturn was with and Pluto was opposing her Mars in the lung sign, Gemini.

A person in my files notes a bad major relationship; she has troublesome Mars in Sagittarius in the 7th, the relationship house. Extra trouble was happening with Pluto on her Mars and Saturn opposing it. Although born outside of Florida on the east coast, her astrocartography shows Mars in her 7th in Florida. Cases like this is why astrologers suggest that people move to a location where a troublesome planet is in a less important part of the chart. Her Mars is really difficult, 3 planets square it.

Venus goes from 12th to 1st for me here in Fla. And love has come to me.

I saw a married couple. She is a Pisces and he met her when Neptune was on his Sun. Neptune is the Pisces planet. He is an Aquarius. When she met him Uranus was on her Sun. Uranus is the Aquarius planet. He worked in a financial area and has the luminaries and 4 planets in the financial houses, the 2nd and 8th. He was studying Jungian psychology. He has the Moon with Pluto as did Jung. The Moon is the subconscious and Pluto is the collective unconscious. How cool that Jung’s chart reflects his major theory, the existence of the collective unconscious and our access to it through our subconscious, the Moon.


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