Newsletter Nov. ’13


From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, Nov ’13


For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild astrology study group meets on Nov. 26th at 6pm at the main library in Cocoa at 308 Forrest. We will revisit the various symbols of the horoscope that represent the supernatural with their various meanings. We’ll also look at the horoscopes of famous pilgrims in honor of the season. First, we’ll have to come up with some famous pilgrims.

I started emailing a S.T.A.R. Guild report and will continue this. If you want to know what we covered at the meeting, ask to be put on the list.

As we look over the events of October, we see the government shutdown, some bad weather, and the launching of Obamacare. The shutdown can be looked at as an expression of the ongoing clash between right and left. This is shown by the square of Pluto in conservative Capricorn and progressive Uranus in Aries. It started in summer of ’10 and will last until ’18. It should be weakening and less pronounced before that.

As to Obamacare, S.T.A.R. Guild looked at the chart set up for the passage of the bill. Even then, we saw such discord in the sky that we wondered if it would fly. My guess is that the law will be changed almost beyond recognition. Extreme weather at mid-month happened under Mars oppose Neptune, Uranus square Pluto, and the Sun squaring Jupiter.

This month the Sun and Mercury near Saturn, at times, turns our attention to serious issues that we are trying to control. The New Moon Solar Eclipse emphasizes this from mid- afternoon on the 2nd until mid-afternoon on the 4th. Full Moon in Taurus on the 15th, 16th, and most of the 17th brings beauty and a focus on money.

Mercury will go direct on the 10th, so we may be more focused by then. Even more important, Mercury is in Scorpio for Oct and Nov. this shows an extended interest or concern. I hope you are all pursuing interests. Venus, one of the “good” planets, goes into Capricorn in early Nov. and stays until March. This shows an extended attachment.


I’ll be at Book and Bead in Merritt Island on Dec 1 from 11 to 3 for mini readings. Please double check your birth time.

I’ll be talking about 2014 at Aquarian Dreams on the 4th of January. Call Cheri at 729-9495 if you want to attend. We’ll be talking about the year’s effects in the world and in our charts.

Finally I’ll be doing a class on astrological energies on March 8th at Aquarian Dreams.


My static web site is changing into a blog. It’s still under construction. Visit and comment.

And call for services if you need me.


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