Trump & Mars

Trump Transits

With the pulling of the heath care bill, and the more aggressive posture toward North Korea and Syria, it’s time to look at Mars transiting through the President’s chart.

Like everyone else, Trump has a birth chart set up for the time and place of his birth. Planets in the sky at anytime can be plotted around that chart and give us some ideas about what is coming into his life and what is coming to the country.

Mars in mythology is the god of war and it represents everything that comes to mind in reference to war. So Mars represents attacks, destruction, injury, pain, fighting, soldiers, and all aggression. All planets, including Mars, also represent positive things. So, Mars also represents, men, young men, muscles, muscle exertion, construction, building, action, energy, and assertiveness.

In the President’s birth chart, Mars is very close to the Ascendant, the point in the east that joins the ecliptic to the horizon. This is one of the most telling parts of the chart and defines the personality. So, trump is martial. We have seen his fighting spirit and he is a builder.

For him transits of Mars are particularly important and now that he is president these transits are important for us.

Astrologers watch and wonder and SWAG. Prediction is not necessarily the choice. And we look at the past to set up the forecast and analysis paradigm.

The night of the election Mars went into Aquarius and Trump’s 7th house. The 7th represents partners and enemies. The demonstrations and riots began.

The next important placement of Mars is happening now. It is at the top of the chart, his 10th house. The 10th shows one’s career and reputation, what we are looking up to, the quality of the moment, and those who can say “yes” or “no” to us. So the health care bill was pulled before it was killed. At the time it was pulled Mars was at the highpoint, the zenith in the sky. (The London attack happened under the same configuration. It was a Martial or killing time.) Mars is in Taurus, his 10th from week 2 of March until week 4 of April. I suspect that Trump is talking with his generals, who he looks up to, about N. Korea and Syria. Action would not surprise me. (p.s. Assad has Mars, planet of attacks, next to Neptune. Neptune is associated with gas.)

The next important placement of Mars is from the 4th week of April through early June. At this time, Mars is in Gemini and his 11th house. The eleventh is the house of hope and friends, one of the nicer parts of the chart. Since it is the house of his Sun, it is his power house. Mars here connects Mars and power and it is an air sign. This area of his chart tends toward harmony and could produce success which is another Sun concept. Air strikes is a literal translation from English to astrology.

From early June to week 4 of July, Mars in in Cancer his 12th house. This is the house of secrets and Mars stimulates all that is covert or private.

From week 4 of July until week 2 of September, Mars is in Leo, his first house, where Mars was at his birth. This brings even more that is Martial to him. It is also called a Mars return which is a great time to regroup and start new activity.

Finally for now, from week 4 of October until week 2 of December, Mars is in Libra. Here he has Neptune and Jupiter. This can be a time of optimism and expansion.

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