S.T.A.R. Guild July ’18 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild July ’18 Meeting Report

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We started the evening with a look at what transiting Uranus in early Taurus was doing in our charts. Then a bit before 6:35 I asked everyone to think of a question to address in a horary chart. As usual the question seems more obvious in the chart than the answer.

Here are the details.

Member 1 asks if she would move soon. The Capricorn activity in the horary would plot in her 10th house. The reason she wants to move is a drainage problem in her yard that the Association is not addressing quickly enough. Let’s note that the Capricorn activity in the horary in the wholesign 1st is the Moon coming to Saturn and Pluto and the Ascendant coming to Pluto. Other than this involvement of a malefic and an extreme planet, other applying and separating aspects were harmonious. The last aspect is the conjunction with Pluto of Moon and Ascendant. She also noted that she would not want to sell without noting the problem with the buyer. There is the hesitancy and the block. Mars rules the 4th house of real estate and was not involved by aspect to our 1st house Capricorn group. But Saturn and Mars are in mutual reception. This does not look good with the Moon in its motion connecting Saturn to Pluto or Mars to Pluto. Also in the chart, see the active T square between the Sun, Uranus, and Mars. An eclipse will hit this on the 27th of July. This is discouraging of action. Also note that the early Capricorn bodies, Moon and Saturn, that do influence the first are in the 12th in a quadrant chart. This brings negative psychology and mysterious harmful influences. I suggested she talk to the city to put pressure on the Association.

Member 2 asked how a trip to visit family would go. She has Capricorn in her 7th house. And it turns out that she wants to visit a family member who turned her life upside down years ago. I questioned the usefulness of the visit with this family member.

Member 3 asked if she can just relax for a while. This would suggests that she is asking if nothing really bad would happen in her life. We questioned her, and her life does not seem to be being lived on the edge. Transiting Uranus is squaring her Venus in the 1st and her Mars in the 7th. And the eclipse will hit this on the 27th. The Capricorn bodies plot in her 12th. Goals came up due to Capricorn and Saturn, she is newly retired. And I sense fear of the unknown. We suggested the need for a circumspect life and the need for sound people in her life, who don’t upset the apple cart. Also it came out that she is struggling with relaxing in retirement versus more involvement. The Moon Saturn is showing fear and hesitancy to relax, as though she is not living up to her standards. We suggested that she rethink her goals for retirement. I suggested she do something special but sensible under the eclipse.

Member 4 asked if he was on target for core health issues. Capricorn is in his 6th. I addressed deficiencies due to the Moon Saturn conjunction. I think he’s focusing on alternatives and nutrition. I think his health concern needs more serious analysis. He has days where he stays in bed due to feeling bad. He has an early Leo Mars to be stimulated by the eclipse.

Member 5 asked if he should get another car. His car is over 40 years old and older than him, but it is a special make. I think he is hesitant to sell. Capricorn is in his 5th; the car is his baby. I suggested that if he does, he should check car history. He does use a mechanic to check potential buys.

Member 6 asked if her mate would get a job. Capricorn is in her 7th. The Moon and the Ascendant are coming to Pluto which rules the 11th and it suggests meeting one’s hope. With Cancer in the horary ruling the 7th, we go back to the Moon in Capricorn being him and coming to Saturn. I think there will be a delay.

I did not ask a question due to lack of spontaneity, but I know what I would have asked. I am going to take great care with a home repair and remodeling project that will happen in a couple of months.

It is important to note in timing starts that Mercury will go retrograde soon. Also Mars will not go direct until late August. And Mars will not be past the square to Uranus until late September. When we start asking questions, all of the transits and conditions tend to come up.
My conclusion about this horary lab is that the questions exposed deeper concerns in our members than the face of the questions, and this was shown by the Moon in Capricorn moving to Saturn and Pluto. Also that problems arising early in their concerns had to be addressed. This process gave us insight into our members. And we all wanted to visit after the meeting.

Next month we will revisit the planetary changes that have been effect since late ’17 and May ’18. But first, we will take questions from our members who are new to Astrology.

Call me if you need me.

Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77
Hermetician Church of Light ’93
Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90

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