S.T.A.R. Guild Jan ’15 Report


S.T.A.R. Guild Report.

We had our Jan. 27th 2015 meeting and here is what we did. We looked at the rising sign of each of our members and the ruler or rulers of that sign.

Our Cap Asc. with Saturn in Libra and with many other Libra planets is classically beautiful, but as a child wore special shoes to correct a knock kneed condition. She succeeds in a legal field.

Our nonogenerian has Cancer rising & a Leo Asc. She does like to be the center of attention, had a husband with a Leo Moon, and has been plagued with allergies for most of her life. They are caused by contact with substances and by food. This sounds like the sensitivity of the sign, Cancer.

Our newer member has Sag rising and Jupiter in the wholesign 10th. I must find out how she is elevated.

The two members who have the ruler of the first in the 12 are in metaphysical or other worldly organizations. The one with Aries rising and Mars in Pisces in the 12th is involved with the Monroe Center. The other member has Taurus rising and Venus in Aries in the 12th. She’s in the Church of Light.

Our member with Virgo rising and Mercury with Mars in Taurus worked as an accountant for a legal firm. In a placidus, she has these Taurus planets in the 8th; in the wholesign she has them in the 9th.

Lastly, our Libra rising with Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter near the Asc. Loves beauty, makes jewelry, and notes herself as having a good life.

Next month on the 24th of Feb. at 6 pm at the Cocoa library, we’ll look at our member’s Moons and their dispositors.

Check out our star guild facebook page to see the original members of the group!


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