March ’17 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, March ’17

For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild astrology study group meets on Tuesday, March 28th at 6pm in the library in Cocoa, Fl. At 308 Forrest Ave. We are continuing to delight in projecting charts in the laptop onto a screen. We can set up any chart and we can display it. This month we looked at the charts of family members and noted relationships. We see strong connections involving Mars and Saturn, even in happy families. My guess is that what separates the good from the bad in families is the choices and behavior of the parents. It could take some time to contrast relationships in good families’ charts and of those that are tragic or awful.
We are planning on focusing on less theoretical and more personal meetings periodically, where we look at members’ charts to address their concerns. This is a valid application of our studies. And we will spend more time addressing the study needs of new visitors. So in March we will look at members’ charts. Please bring your chart.

In February, a number of planets were in impulsive Aries and there continues to be a tense and conflicted T square between Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn which has been in effect since December. Mars joins this in Aries in late Feb. and early March and adds to the activity. The T square will last for much of the time until Oct. Have we noted any stresses out there? In Feb. the emphasis was more on communication and travel. This month it could be more on finances. I am saying this because of the way the sky looks at sunrise. In Feb., Aries and Libra planets were in communication and travel houses. In March they are in financial houses for most of the month.
Also in March, Venus is retrograde in Aries, so, we should take special care in love and in social matters. Mars will be in Taurus in weeks 2, 3, and 4 and requires expressing tension in constructive ways. During weeks 2, 3, and 4 Mars and Venus are in mutual reception and the effect is to trump the difficulties these planets have in these signs and increase energy and beauty.
The event of the month is the flooding in Calif. and the Oroville dam spillway problem. This happened between eclipses, one in Leo and the other in water sign, Pisces.

Full Moon in Virgo on the 11th and 12th contrasts vision and mission. New Moon in Aries on the 27th and 28th brings a new youthful start.

I’ll be at Book & Bead on 3/18 doing Astrology mini readings.

See my sun Sign column on my site and my Moon pieces on facebook.

I have a new piece on my site about Spacex launches under Space Stuff.

I am published for the 2nd time in the American Federation of Astrologers Journal.

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