Positions of the Planets

Current Positions of Planets in Signs.

Sun in Taurus.   We succeed through perseverance.

Mercury in Aries. We focus on action.

Venus in Aries.  We love action.

Saturn in Pisces. We value responsibility.

Mars in Pisces.  We are driven by our psychology.

Jupiter in Taurus.  We believe in nature.

Neptune in Pisces. We sense the supernatural.

Uranus in Taurus. We are ingenious about money.

Pluto in Aquarius. Force comes to or at people.

Moon – see  Moon Passages.

Spring Equinox late  3/19/24

Welcome Spring, new life, beauty, and energy.

Winter Solstice Dec 21 ’23

Today the dark rules, but the light will come soon.

Our Sun in Capricorn, looks up for guidance.

Fall Equinox Sept 23 ’23

At the Fall Equinox the length of the days and nights are equal. And the Sun goes into the sign, Libra. Both represent fairness and equality. The acknowledgement that we deal with others respectfully is apparent. Saturn, the planet of responsibility is exalted in Libra and shows that this respect is required. Let’s enjoy the cooler weather and think about the people who are important to us.

Lammas , August 1st 2023

Today is Lammas, the heart of summer. We could say that everything that Summer means to us is made special.

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