2018 & 2019

Events of 2018 and a Peak at 2019

As an astrologer, I expect to see a connection between earth events and sky events. I have recorded the news for years and at the end of the year look to see if the connections happened. Let’s look at 2018 earth and sky events and make a projection about 2019.
These events were listed by journalist Shepard Smith as the important events of the year.

The Election Investigation. This continues from the past year. It seems to stem from a very negative reaction to Trump. His Mars on the Ascendant attracts conflict. It also gives him the tremendous energy that he is known for. His enemies seem to be: Democrats, some Republicans, the main stream media, some in the DOJ and FBI, and apparently the deep state. In his chart, his planets in air signs and fire signs relate well. He also has the Sun with Uranus and trine to Jupiter. This is like lottery winning luck. His discord in his chart is planets in Cancer, namely, Mercury, Saturn, and Venus square planets in Libra, namely, Neptune and Jupiter. Pluto was connecting with this from Capricorn when his presidency started. But in ’18, Saturn joined Pluto. So Pluto and Saturn are tying into his discord. Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2023. And Saturn leaves Capricorn in 2021. He still seams to be holding up.

Jan. 13th Fake Missile Alert, Hawaii. We have a time of this event and as a result a chart for this event. Aquarius, the sign of the people was rising and this event was experienced by many people. Saturn, planet of fear, was next to Mercury, planet of messages. And violent Mars and Jupiter, planet of missiles, were at the top of the chart. You can imagine people looking up in a panic. The placement of Mars and Jupiter showed that there was a direction to look at.

The Trade War. This is probably shown by Saturn joining Pluto in Capricorn and opposing Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, and Mercury in the 2nd house, the money house, of the U.S. Chart. In other words, a conflict between planets in money houses in the U.S. chart shows a financial conflict in the world. Planets opposing our Sun and other planets show outside parties involved. The President has Mars very near his Ascendant, a very personal point in his chart. This shows him to be warring. As an alpha male he fights and wins. So we expect him to attract conflict.

The Parkland School Shooting. We have the event time and as a result, the chart. 7 Cancer was rising and Saturn was closely opposing it. Planets on or oppose the Ascendant show someone at the door. And Saturn is the worst planet, when showing its negative side. Mars was in shooting sign Sagittarius. We call it the shooting sign because the image of the constellation is a centaur shooting an arrow. Venus and Neptune were together and this is romantic. Mars was squaring this and associated violence with romance. It was Valentine’s Day.

The Santa Fe School Shooting. This time the Moon was at 9 Cancer and Saturn was at 8.5 Capricorn in another close opposition. Mars was in the same sign as the Midheaven. This shows violence being noted at that time.

The Separation of Children from their Immigrant Families. This was happening around mid June. At this time Mercury, communication planet, is is family sign Cancer opposing Saturn. This planet is associated with separation.

When Trump and Kim Jung Un met on June 12th, The Sun was close to Trump’s Sun. His birthday was coming up; this gives Trump power. And the Moon was at the top of Trump’s chart, the recognition part of his chart. He got a lot of attention for this meeting.

When bill Cosby was convicted on Aug. 26th ’18, difficult planets Mars, Pluto, and Saturn were at the top of his chart, the reputation part of the chart. Mars and Pluto were tying into his Jupiter oppose Sun and Mercury. This shows the law, Jupiter having an important effect on his life.

When our embassy opened in Jerusalem on May 14th, The Sun was in Taurus at the top of Trump’s chart, bringing him recognition.

Kiluea erupted on May 17th after becoming more active on May 3rd. It continued to spew for weeks from a number of fissures. Uranus changed sign from fire sign, Aries to earth sign, Taurus on May 15th. A slow moving planet changing sign shows change and shifting. And the association of fire and earth sounds like a volcano. I mentioned this the preceding Dec. And that was a lucky shot.

On the day Megan and Harry married the Moon was in Cancer forming an emotional and lucky grand trine with rich Jupiter and romantic Neptune.

On July 2nd a boys soccer team from Thailand was found alive in a flooded cave. They went into the cave on June 23rd, with the Sun is in water sign Cancer opposing Saturn, which rules caves. On the 2nd the Sun and Moon and Jupiter form a lucky grand trine and all are eventually rescued.

Brett Kavanaugh has Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in Aquarius; this is an important sign in his chart. From the time the troublesome Kavanaugh/Ford hearings happened until his first day of work, troublesome Mars was in Aquarius..

Manifort was convicted and Cohen pleaded guilty on Aug. 21st. The Moon was in Capricorn along with Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. These are troublesome planets and Capricorn is the sign of the elevated, whether people or mountains. Sometimes elevated people fall off the mountain.

On Oct. 10th, Michael hit Mexico Beach. Some think it was a Cat 5. At landfall, destructive Mars was square the Moon. Pluto and Saturn were in the 1st house. When planets are in the 1st, it means that things like the planets, come to you. Pluto near Saturn is like an extreme storm.

The synagogue shooting happened on Oct. 27th. Death sign, Scorpio was rising with Venus, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter. Violent Mars in Aquarius squared some of these planets.

My notes on the Caravan go back to Oct 18th and 19th as it approached the Mexico border. Troublesome Mars is in the humanity sign, Aquarius showing masses of people motivated and in stress.

The mid-term election happened on Nov 6th. On that day there was a New Moon in Scorpio, showing a new start. Saturn, representing the Democrats, in Capricorn is strong and the Dems took back the house. Jupiter, representing the Republicans, in Sagittarius is strong and the Republicans gained seats in the Senate. Jupiter went into Sagittarius 2 days after the election and we had to wait for the results.

The California Camp fire took place on Nov. 8th and on that day destroyed the town of Paradise and killed 86 people. Uranus was in fire sign, Aries. Mercury was in fire sign, Sagittarius and Jupiter went into Sagittarius that day. Fire planet, Mars was in people sign, Aquarius and square Jupiter. Jupiter does things in a big way, so, Mars/Jupiter connections show big trouble. In this case big fire.

Marijuana has been legalized in more places this year. Neptune is the planet associated with altered states. Neptune continues to move slowly through Pisces, where it is strong. The last time Neptune was in Pisces, the Spiritualist Movement started with the Fox sisters’ rappings. Altered states whether spiritual or from substances are Neptunian.

George H. Bush died on Nov. 30th. Jupiter was near his Jupiter and so was the Sun. His life got rave reviews. In the next few days there were various viewings and memorials while Mercury and Venus were in death sign, Scorpio.

2019. We are watching Uranus go back into Taurus in March. This is a repeat of this event in mid-May ’18. Kiluea happened then. Will we have another extreme geological event? Uranus will stay in Taurus for 7 years. This will bring challenging management events to Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. It is important to note if these natives are early, middle, or late in their signs. Next year Uranus is early.

Pluto and Saturn are still in Capricorn and fairly close to each other. Saturn events become more extreme. At best Saturn is hard work and goals. Otherwise it is unwanted difficult events. Let’s remember that even these sometimes produce improvements. Our divided government probably won’t get much done; the markets like that. On a personal note, Capricorns, Aries, Cancer, and Libra should pursue goals, not overwork, and seek vitality and happiness. This uses or counters the Saturn influence.

Neptune continues in Pisces. Let’s exercise our imaginations and pursue wonderful subtle things like meditation etc.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius. That sign plus Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces can improve their management skills if they can be factual and focused.

Pax & Happy New Year

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